Cynthia Tom

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Circus Series: Vivian Takes a Time Out. Leaving too Soon., 9- 2011 Acrylic On Canvas 30 In Tall And 40 In Wide © cynthia tom
Circus Series: The Cloud Walkers, 8-2011 Acrylic On Canvas 24 In Tall X 48 Wide © cynthia tom
Circus Series: The Cloudwalkers' Break Station, 8-2011 Acrylic On Canvas 20 In X 16 In Wide © Cynthia Tom
Circus Series: Vivian and Her Vivacious Sychronized Seaweed, 9-2011 Acrylic On Canvas 48 Inches Tall X 36 Inches Wide X 2 Inches Deep © Cynthia Tom
Circus Series: The Cloud Walkers 2, 9-2011 Acrylic On Canvas 20 In High X 16 In Wide
Circus Series: Cloud Walker Habitat, 9-2011 Acrylic On Canvas 18" High X 24 In Long © Cynthia Tom
Cloud Walker Series: The Laboratory, 9-2011 Acrylic On Canvas 48 In Tall X 36 In Wide © cynthia tom
Discards & Variances detail Fiber Art © Cynthia Tom
Discards & Variances, through June 11, 2011 Mixedmedia Installation 15' X 11' X 13"
Re-Pair workshop at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Tuesday June 7, 2011 2-7 pm Mixed Media Na © cynthia tom
atelier, 2011 16' Tall © c tom
Installation of Atelier for A PLACE OF HER OWN, 9-2011 Acrylic And Mixed Media On Canvas, Fabric, 13 Feet Tall By 7 Foot Wide © Cynthia Tom
Ode To Tesla. Wherefore Art Thou, 9-2011 Acrylic On Canvas 36in X 36in © Cynthia Tom
Dialogue on the Rocks Mixed Media And Acrylic On Wood 52" H X 36" W
JoeSam's Prophesy, 4-2009 Acrylic On Canvas 24 In. Tall X 18 In Wide X 2 In Deep © Cynthia Tom
Linet 2, Opera Singing Trapezist, 2011 Acrylic On Canvas 28" X 36" © cynthiatom
Linet Draped: The Opera Singing Trapezist, 2011 Acrylic On Canvas 28" X 36" © cynthia tom
Emperor's Other Tomb, China, 2010 Acrylic On Papier Mache 7ft Tall, 3 Ft Diameter
For Soumya, 2012 Acrylic And Mixed Media On Wood 52" X 24" © cynthiatom
Dress Series: Houbigant, 2012 Acrylic And Mixed Media On Canvas Hanging 7' X 4'
Soumya Acrylic And Mixed Media On Wood 55" X 26" On Wood
Dress-Glissade Rouge Délicieuse (Delicious Red Slip), 2012 Acrylic And Mixed Media On Wood 50" X 12"
Linet Galileo for Cirque Batard-Cahin Caha, 2012 Acrylic On Wood 50": X 12"
Dress Tile Series: Tree House, 2011 Acrylic On Canvas 8" X 10"
Circus Series: The Cloud Walkers, 2012 Acrylic On Canvas 48 X 30 © cynthiatom
Stories To Tell: Discards & Variances detail, 2015 Mixed 20' X 16' © cynthia tom
Stories To Tell: Discards & Variances, 2016 Painting On Walls 20' X 16' © Cynthia Tom
Stories To Tell: Discards & Variances, 2014 Mixed Media 20' X 16' © Cynthia Tom
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San Francisco
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San Francisco
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San Francisco Art Institute (SFAI)
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de young museum, lecturer on Asian American art, found object artist, female art, feminist, Installations, San Francisco Arts Commission, Art in Storefronts mixed-media installation, Cynthia Tom, asian american artist, Asian American Women Artists Association, Chinese-contemporary, Yerba buena Center artist, Asian Artist, chinese american artist, Chinese artist, woman artist, figurative, mixed-media, installation, surrealism, exhibition/performance
Art Statement

Cynthia Tom is a visual multi-media artist, passionate about social justice, women’s issues and playing with the accepted norm. Surrealism is the platform for her ideas to ruminate, take form, solutions discovered and color to inspire.

    A seeker and philosopher about issues in her life, her ancestors and the community of women, she is inspired by dialog with friends and family, forming new themes and stories for her work. Collaboration and brainstorming are her playgrounds.


    Her work has been exhibited at the Legion of Honor in San Francisco, the De Young Museum, and Yerba Buena Center for the Arts and various other galleries from New York to Washington to San Francisco. She lectures on her work, issues related to women, feminism in the arts and Asian American women in the arts, most recently for the College Art Association’s Annual Conference.

 Cynthia is included in the text book, “Women Artists of the American West”, edited by Susan Ressler, University of Purdue and “Traces of Migration and In-Betweeness: Poetics and Politics in Post-colonial Asian Women Artists”, by Laura Fantone PhD, SF Art Institute ,University of Padua Press, Italy.  Cynthia is currently Board President, Exhibitions Curator and Programs Chair of AAWAA, Asian American Women Artists Association.

    A third-generation Chinese American, Cynthia draws inspiration from divergent

cultures. The resulting contradictions are expressed in a variety of ways. Eastern and Western symbols often share space on the same canvas. Fanciful dresses portray a prophetic wish for people to raise their consciousness and her strong female images evoke a longing for freedom of expression and a life of choice.

    Symbols, cues and clues fill her art, which is described as “Cultural Surrealism”.

Cynthia’s paintings and installations persuade us to look beyond the aesthetic--to challenge stereotypes and traditional roles, questioning paradigms and

 encourages our internal dialogue.


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