Mary Sundstrom

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More or Less Paper Cut 12 X 12" © New Grounds Gallery
Concert in Blues and Golds, 2010 Paper Cut 17 X 17'' © Mary Sundstrom
Winter's End, 2010 Papercut 16" X 16" © Mary Sundstrom
Red Dance, 2010 Papercut 18' X 18" © Mary Sundstrom
Cannon in Greens and Gold, 2010 Papercut 18'' X 18" © Mary Sundstrom
© Mary Sundstrom
© Mary Sundstrom
© Mary Sundstrom
© Mary Sundstrom
The Murmur of White Blossoms, 2011 12" X 17" © Mary Sundstrom
Black Fish White Fish, 2010 16"X12" © Mary Sundstrom
The Rustle of Spring Blossoms, 2011 12" X 17" © Mary Sundstrom
White Koi Black Swish, 2010 12" X 17" © Mary Sundstrom
Hydrozoans © Mary Sundstrom
batrachichnus © Mary Sundstrom
Autumn Doe Monotype 12 X 16” © Courtesy of the Artist and New Grounds Print Workshop and Gallery
Shadow Thief II Gravure And Monotype © Courtesy of the artist and New Grounds Print Workshop and Gallery
One Persimmon, 2014 Multiple Plate Etching 16 X 6"
Two Persimmons, 2014 Multiple Plate Etchings 16 X 6"
Borzoi Hunt, 2015 Monotype 14 X 14” © Courtesy of the Artist and New Grounds Print Workshop and Gallery
Quick Facts
Brookings, South Dakota
Birth year
Lives in
Albuquerque, NM
Works in
Albuquerque, NM

My artwork is informed by a life long investigation of the natural world. I am drawn to the details: the pattern of a fish's scales, the crazy weave of a bird's nest, or the exquisite curl of a fern frond. Fish, birds, and patterns derived from plant forms are combined and reconfigured in their content and form.

Each process; cut paper, printmaking and illustration generates it's own aesthetic. My cutpaper designs are cut from colored and hand-printed papers using a kraft knife and applied in layers, correlating crisp edges with shallow relief.

My prints combine the graphic silhouette effect of relief printing with monotype applications of color of loose brushwork. With the gravure process I draw with pencil and pen on mylar, process it on to a plate and ink it up to give a crayon-like, tonal image.

As an artist working in the arena of natural history illustration, my intent is to render my subjects in their most literal form. Book illustration offers a broader interpretation allowing a range of mediums to express the idea. Examples pictured include pen and wash, water colors, gouache, scratchboard, colored pencil and cut paper.

I feel extraordinarily fortunate to be making a living as an artist and that I have an audience for my work.


Date of Birth:

1950, Brookings, South Dakota


1971 - Bachelor of Fine Arts / University of New Mexico
1973-74 - Minneapolis College of Art & Design - Minneapolis, Minnesota
1995-97 - Graduate Studies - Museum Practices / University of New Mexico

Selected Exhibitions: Solo & Two Person Shows:

2011 - "Untamed Gardens: Monotypes and Paper Cuts"/ New Grounds Gallery / Albuquerque, New Mexico
2008 - "Silhouettes - Mixed Media Prints" / New Grounds Gallery / Albuquerque, New Mexico
2005-2006 - "Cut Paper Artwork" / Aardvark Audiobooks / Albuquerque, New Mexico
1987 - "Mary Sundstrom + Burrel Brenneman" / Del Fine Arts / Taos, New Mexico
1987 - "Mary Sundstrom + Tina Boradiansky" / St. John's College / Santa Fe, New Mexico

Selected Exhibitions: Group Shows

2009 - "Beauty, Decorating and Ornament" / ENMU / Roswell, New Mexico
2008 - "Art Expressions in Technology & Science" / Fuller Lodge / Los Alamos, New Mexico
2006 - "Contemporary Paper Cutouts" / Kimo Gallery / Albuquerque, New Mexico
2006 - "Dia de los Muertos" / Broadway Curtural Center / Albuquerque, New Mexico
2000 - "Book Illustrators Guild" / San Juan College / Farmington, New Mexico
1991 - "Presswork: Art of Women Printmakers: / Lang Communication / Traveling Exhibit
1987 - Co-curated; "Drawing, Six Approaches" / Jonson Gallery / University of New Mexico
1985-1987 - "Celebration of Women in the Arts" / Santa Fe, New Mexico
1985 - "10 Years of Contemporary Printmaking" / Stables Art Center / Taos, New Mexico

Awards and Grants

2006 – Rachel Allen Printer Fellowship/ New Grounds Print Workshop/ Albuquerque, New Mexico
2004-2006 – “Arts, Books, and Communities : National Museum of Women in the Arts”/ Albuquerque Public Schools / Albuquerque, New Mexico
1971-1972 – Tamarind Printer Fellowship / Tamarind Lithography Institute / Albuquerque, New Mexico


Museum of Fine Arts / Santa Fe, New Mexico
Amoco / Denver, Colorado
Amoco / Huston, Texas

Other Related Interests : Published Illustrations

University of New Mexico Press, Albuquerque, New Mexico
“Hanging With Bats,”
“The Little Cow in Valle Grande”
“Trickster in the Front Yard;” Cover art
“The Song of Jonah”
“Big Dreams and Dark Secrets in Chimayo”
“Curse of the Chupa Cabra”
“Chupa Cabra and the Roswell UFO"
“The Senator and the Sin Eater”

Museum of Natural History and Science / Albuquerque, New Mexico
“Triassic, Dawn of the Dinosaurs,” Museum Docent Guide
“Age of Super Giants: Teachers’ Guide”
"The Age of Dinosaurs in New Mexico"

National Audubon Society / New York, NY
“Audubon Guide and Natural Wildlife refuges,” Series: New England, Southwest, Southeast, Northern Midwest, South Central, Rocky Mountains, Mid Atlantic, Alaska, Pacific Northwest, California, and Hawaii

Juniper Learning, Inc. / Espanola, NM
"The Pueblo Potter"
"The Southwest Weaver"
"The Southwest Storyteller"
"The Tinsmith’s Workshop"
"The Rush for Gold Treasure Box"
"New Merino’s First European Pioneers / The Expedition of Don Juan de Onate, 1598"

Highlights for Children / Honesdale, Pennsylvania
Highlights Plus, Science Supplements / Honesdale, Pennsylvania

John Muir Publications / Santa Fe, NM
“Extremely Weird Animals” series: Animal Defenses, Animal Disguises, Animal Hunters, Bats Birds, Endangered Species, Fishes, Frogs, Insects, Mammals, Micromonsters, Primates, Reptiles, Sea Creatures Snakes, and Spiders

Brookings, South Dakota
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