Ichiro Irie

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RX-Heaven, 2013 Holographic Film On Mada Rx 7 © Courtesy of artist
Slim Bust, 2008 Telephone Cards © Courtesy of artist
440 Stolen Women's Left Shoes, 2007 440 Women's Left Shoes © Courtesy of Artist
440 Stolen Women's Left Shoes (detail), 2007 440 Women's Left Shoes © Courtesy of Artist
Tee Cup, 2008 Wood Cup And Golf Tees © Courtesy of artist
Untitled, 2008 Baking Sticks And Rubber Bands Variable © courtesy of artist
Untitled, 2008 Baking Sticks And Rubber Bands Variable Dimensions © Courtesy of artist
Screwball, 2008 Screws On Rubber Ball 4 Inches Diameter © Courtesy of artist
La Morena, 2008 Hair Clips Variable © Courtesy of artist
Spiderweb, 2008 Paperclips Dimension Variable © Courtesy of artist
Spiderweb (detail), 2008 Paperclips Dimensions Variable © Courtesy of artist
Ahokusai 1.2.3. Installation View © Courtesy of artist
A Hokusai 2, 2008 Screws And Enamel On Door Panel 80x36 Inches © Courtesy of artist
Ahokusai 2 (detail), 2008 © Courtesy of artist
Back to Nature series, 2008 Ink On Paper 9 X 12 Inches © Courtesy of artist
Back to Nature series, 2008 Ink On Paper 9 X 12 Inches © Courtesy of artist
Screwball Part II: Golden Balls, 2009 Screws And Rubber Balls 4 Inches Diameter © Courtesy of Artist
8 Days A Week, 2008 Golf Tees, Women's Sandals, Shelf Variable © courtesy of artist
Green/T Golf Tees And Artificial Grass On Wall 100 X 200 Inches © Courtesy of artist
Green/T detail © Courtesy of artist
Staple Head, 2011 Staples And Acrylic On Panel 20 X 16 Inches © Courtesy of artist
Staple Head, 2011 Staples And Acrylic On Panel 20 X 16 Inches © Courtesy of artist
Lucas, 2009 Poster Putty On Panel 20 X 16 Inches © Courtesy of artist
Sarah, 2010 Poster Putty On Panel 20 X 16 Inches © Courtesy of artist
Blood, Sex and Car Wrecks, 2010 Ink And Acrylic On Paper 14 X 11 Inches © Courtesy of artist
Blood, Sex and Car Wrecks, 2011 Ink And Acrylic On Paper 14 X 11 Inches © Courtesy of artist
Spider Web, 2011 Paperclips Variable © Courtesy of artist
Quick Facts
Irie pop, Ichiro mixed-media, figurative, sculpture, installation, video-art, performance, conceptual, photography


Curriculum Vitae

Born in Tokyo, Japan, 1969

Raised in Los Angeles, CA from 1971

Lives and works in Mexico City from 2001 to 2006

Currently lives and works in Los Angeles

Teaches at Oxnard College and Ryman Arts



2001            ClaremontGraduateUniversity

Department of Visual Art, MFA

1994            UCSB University of California, Santa Barbara

Film Studies & Communications Studies (double major), BA


Solo and Two Person Exhibitions

2012      Slap, Stick and Mark                                                       eitoeiko Gallery, Tokyo

2011      Laura and the Staple Heads                  SamFrancisGallery, Santa Monica, CA

2009      There’s Nothing You Can Do That Can’t Be Done   Yautepec gallery, Mexico City

                                                                                      CAM Contemporaneo, Mexico City

              Destroy all Borders                                                                   Casa del Tunel

2008      Chacharama                                                       La Estacion gallery, Chihuahua

              Ahokusai 123                                                              Upfront gallery, Ventura, CA

2007     Mexico City 2001-2006                                             McNish Gallery, Oxnard, CA

2005      Ultraman Encyclopedia                                              O-Itatti gallery, Mexico City

Something in the Air                                      Interim Projekte, Offenbach, Germany

Taste Test                                                                                    LAC, Mexico City

2004      Ultraman Encyclopedia                                      La Estacion gallery, Chihuahua

2001      KOMA                                                                         East Gallery, Claremont, CA

P.J.                                                                      Crazyspace, Santa Monica, CA


Selected Group Exhibitions

2013      Chockablock                                                UniversityArt Museum, Long Beach

              Mexicali Biennial 13                                                                 VPAM, Los Angeles

              eitoeiko booth                                                             New City Art Fair, New York

              The Sun Rises Everywhere                                               eitoeiko gallery, Tokyo

              The Luddite Fallicy                                    Summercamp Projects, Los Angeles

2012      Bleach                                                                                       Gallery Lara, Tokyo

              Twelve                                                               West Los Angeles College Gallery

              Subterraneans                                           TorranceArt Museum, Torrance, CA

              eitoeiko booth                                                               Co/Lab Art Fair by ARTRA

2011      100 Million Angels Singing                                Jens Fehring Gallery, Frankfurt

              Sur Biennial                                    RioHondoCollege Biennial, Los Angeles, CA

Ouch!                                                            Co-Lab at Art Platform, Los Angeles

The Crystal Jungle                                    Chopo Art Museum, Mexico City

              Gateway Japan                                            TorranceArt Museum, Torrance, CA

              A Strange Affinity to the Beautiful and the Dreadful    Hendershot Gallery, NYC

              Venice Family Clinic Auction                                     Venice Artwalk, Venice, CA

              For This Purpose Only                                 Project One Night Stand, Oxnard, CA

              Faculty Exhibit                                                            McNish Gallery, Oxnard, CA

              JAUS booth                                                                  Co/Lab art Fair by ARTRA

2010      FAX                                                                 TorranceArt Museum, Torrance, CA

              Venice Family Clinic Auction                                        Venice Artwalk, Venice, CA

              Aftershock                                                               Royal-T, Los Angeles, CA

              For Roland                                                                  Bunny Gunner, Pamona, CA

              Faculty Exhibition                                 SMCBarrettGallery, Santa Monica, CA

              Love Kills: Betting on the Muse      Hanauer Landstrasse 136, Frankfurt, Germany

              Draft                                                                    643 Project Space, Ventura, CA

2009     AJA XXII                                            The George J. Doizaki Gallery, Los Angeles

              On the Shoulders of Davids                                                      JAUS, Los Angeles

              Let There Be Light                                                          Raid Projects, Los Angeles

              Plush                                                             EagleRockArtsCenter, Los Angeles

2008      SMC Art Faculty Exhibit                              BarretArtGallery, Santa Monica, CA

              Panopti(con)                                                                  Bank Gallery, Los Angeles

              Plush                                                             EagleRockArtsCenter, Los Angeles

2007      Quotidian Inc.                                                             Upfront Gallery, Ventura, CA

Ah-peh-jee-doh                                              EagleRockArtsCenter, Los Angeles

              La Estacion exhibit                                                                   ArtLA, Los Angeles

              Mexico City 2001-2006                                              McNish Gallery, Oxnard, CA

2006     Kunsthaus exhibit                                                                     Art Americas, Miami

              La Estacion exhibit                                                     MACO Art Fair, México City

2005      La Estacion exhibit                                                   MACO Art Fair, Mexico City

              Group Show                                                        La Estacion gallery, Chihuahua

              Cheap & Cheap                                                                 O-Itatti, Mexico City

              Aca en el rancho grande                                   Cuatro Diecisiete gallery, Madrid

              Photography Group Show                                        Grissell Villasana, León, Gto., Mexico

2004      Blind Date                                                                 CSWMuseum, Warsaw

              Summer Collection                                                          Casa Lamm, Mexico City

              Science Fiction/Horror Sublime                               Art&Idea, Mexico City

2003            Ladicado                                                                     MUCA Roma, Mexico City

3 Painters                                                                       2102 gallery, Los Angeles

2002      Recuperation Room                                         CarrilloGilMuseum, Mexico City

              Reality & Desire                                                          Chopo Museum, Mexico City

              Medium Rare                                                                 Garash gallery, Mexico City

              Valedictories                                                                   Raid Projects, Los Angeles

2001      Travelogue                                                                     Gallery Cradle, Yokohama

              Metropoly                                                                       Hatch gallery, Los Angeles

2000      Synopsis                                                        Julie Rico Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

              Dislocation                                                                     Kyuubidou Gallery, Tokyo

              GCC: IGS                                                                     WorldTradeCenter, Osaka

              Lying Totem                                                                              Hatch, Los Angeles

              Execution Funk                                                   Track 16 gallery, Santa Monica

1999      Venice Vortex                                                               CornellUniversity, Ithaca, NY


Cacahuates Japoneses

Cacahuates Japoneses is an artist collective founded in 2002 in Mexico City by Ichiro Irie, Aska Iida and Horacio Cadzco. 


Group Exhibition and Performances

2007      Isolation/Expansion                                                    Xit Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

              Cookie Party 100                                                           Empathy Design Company

2006      S.O.S./Emergencia                                           FAME Video Festival, Mexico D.F.

Stil Biuti                                                                            CSW Museum, Warsaw

              Buscando un lugar no conquistado/Coleccion Lupita                O-Museum, Tokyo

  Ruangrupa, Jakarta
                      Videolab Space, Bedah Video, Soemardja Gallery, Bandung, Indonesia

                                                                   Festival de arte emergente, Mendoza, Argentina

                                                                                       Studio RAW, Bel Horizonte, Brasil

                                                                            Museo Marte, San Salvador, El Salvador

                                                                                       ONG Espacio, Caracas, Venezuela

2005      Sabados Memories                                                                    Art2102, Los Angeles

Ampliando el campo de batalla                                  Sector Reforma, Guadalajara

Taste Test                                                                 LAC gallery, Mexico City

              Chachamaco                                                                               LAC, Mexico City

              Conciencia Concentrica                        Laboratorio Arte Alameda, Mexico City

                                                                                    Museo de Arte Moderno, Buenos Aires

                                                                                         Centro Cultural Espana Cordoba

2004      ASAP with Bordermates                                     Daimler Chrysler, Mexico City

2003      Raid Projects exhibit                                                       Armory Show, New York

              Clusterfuck                                                                     Latch gallery, Los Angeles

2002      Ballet Mecanico                                                               Epicentro, Mexico City

              Sushi Takeshi                                                    Carrillo Gil Museum, Mexico City

              Sushi Takeshi                                                                  La Panaderia, Mexico City


Grants & Fellowships

2004/2005          Cultural Contact grant for RiM magazine

2003/2004          Jumex grant for RiM magazine

2003                   PAC (Patronato Arte Contemporaneo) for RiM magazine

2001/2002           Fulbright Fellowship for Mexico City

2001                    Liquitex Student Fellowship

2000/2001           Pamela Peabody Graduate Fellowship

1999/2000           Claremont Graduate Fellowship



2007-present       18thStreetArtsCenter

2001/2002           NationalSchool of Painting, Drawing and Printmaking “La Esmeralda”



2012      Subterraneans, Torrance Art Museum

              Co/Lab by ARTRA

2011      18th Street Arts Center

              Tandem: Living Room

              Sur Biennial

              Co/Lab by ARTRA

2010      18th Street Arts Center

2009            18th StreetArtsCenter

2008            18th StreetArtsCenter

La Estacion Arte Contemporaneo

2007      18th Street Arts Center

2006      La Estacion Arte Contemporaneo

2005      Enciclopedia de Ultraman

              Aca en el Rancho Grande

              La Estacion Arte Contemporaneo

2000            GCC International Group Show


Selected Publications

2013      Discovering Japanes Talent at New City Art Fair by Brendan S. Carroll, Hyperallergic,, March 11 2013

2012      ART PLATFORM Los Angeles - Co/Lab RECAP by Daniel Rolnik, Argot and Ochre,, 2012 

2011      Artist Interview: Ichiro Irie by Rachel Matos Catalysis Projects,, April 22, 2011

Urban Scrawl 012: The First Annual Sur Biennial Puts Whittier On The Map (Once You Find It On The Map) by Shayna Nys Dambrot, Create Fixate,, 2011

ART PLATFORM Los Angeles - Co/Lab RECAP by Daniel Rolnik, Argot and Ochre,, 2011 

2009      Mexico City's Art World Comes of Age by Alexis Okeowo, More Intelligent Life,, August 17, 2009

Un Viztazo: Reflexiones sobre el arte by Rebecca Perez, Mural, May 28, 2009, Guadalajara, MX

              Hace arte Ichiro Irie en el CAM by Rebecca Perez, Mural Movil, May 26, 2009, Guadalajara

              Ichiro Irie llega al CAM Contemporaneo by Aimee Muniz, El Informador, May 25, 2009, Guadalajara

Toso se puede hacer en el CAM Contemporaneo by Edgar Velazco, Milenio, May 26, 2009, Guadalajara

Ichiro Busca by Claudia Solano Sandoval, Publico, May 29, 2009, Guadalajara

2008      Panopti(con) at Bank Gallery by Kelly Coats

              Los Angeles Downtown News, March 29, 2008

              First Fridays Ventura Art Exhibits and Receptions Christine Beirne

              VenturaCountyStar, January 26, 2008

2007      Ichiro Irie: Rim Shots by Daniel Hernandez, LA Weekly People Issue, May 9

2006      Znajomi smak splesinalej tortilli by Stach Szablowski

              Spistresci, May 26, 2006, Warsaw

2005      Asia in Mexico: Cacahuates Japoneses by Larisa Escobedo,

Art Asia Pacific, Spring 2005, New York.

              Cacahuates Japoneses reinventa el Kamasutra by Mauricio Marcin,

Cronica, January 2005, Mexico City.

Something In The Air by Neuer Ruschfilter, Journal Frankfurt, April, 2005.

              The New Independents, Arte Contexto by Barbara Perea, Spring, 2005, Madrid.

              I love Godzilla Therefore I’m Kind of Japananes by Pamel Echeverria

Enciclopedia de Ultraman, 2005, Mexico City.

2004      Sublime Science Fiction by Luz Sepulveda, Spot, No. 14, 2004, Mexico City.

              Recrean lo sublime del horror en el arte by Miguel Angele Ceballos

              El Universal, February 20, 2004, Mexico City.

              Horror sublime, colectiva by Masha Zepeda,

Vertigo, March 14, 2004, Mexico City.

Intervenciones al espcio corporativo by Aurora Norena, Arte al dia, Mexico, 2004.

Ichiro Irie: 1969 Tokio, Japon, El Heraldo de Chihuahua, April 14, 2004

El viaje de Ichiro by Sol Henaro, Origina, January 2004, Mexico City

Nasza kultura aktori porno by Marek Staszyc,

Zycie Warszawy, November 16-17 2004, Warsaw.

2003      Ladicados: entre Japon y Mexico by Aurora Norena, Excelsior, March 16, 2003, Mexico City.

              Ultraman Transformado by Sol Henaro, El Huevo, March 2003, Mexico City.

El arte en busca de “lo japones” en el MUCA by Miguel Angel Ceballos

El Universal, February 6, 2003, Mexico City.

2000      Multiethnic painters find inspiration in dislocation by Robert Reed Daily Yomiuri, February, 2000, Tokyo.


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