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I enjoy being surrounded by great art, artists and fellow art enthusiasts - and love putting them all together. Oh, I also love spending time, hiking, traveling, shopping and dining with our six border collies (where ever possible).
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I am influenced by whatever I can find as the finest examples of everything and anything. It's a personal pursuit for perfection and those who strive to create it that keeps me energized.

Elaine Adams, gallerist and director of American Legacy Fine Arts, LLC, combines her extensive background in art history, executive administration and finance to provide a unique and personal approach to servicing artists and gallery clients.  As the wife of the artist Peter Adams she has been actively involved in various capacities in the art industry.  For more than twelve years she has been immersed in the contemporary-traditional fine art scene, and is recognized as one of the country’s most dynamic and influential forces in the growing shift away from conceptual art and back to representational, figurative formats.


Elaine Adams has served on several art committees and cultural boards, including Los Angeles County Museum of Art’s American Art Council, Pacific Asia Museum, Art Center College of Design, The Pasadena Symphony, Rymann-Carroll Foundation, and the American Society of Portrait Artists.  Since 1993, as a non-paid administrator, she has held the positions of Executive Director of the California Art Club, est. 1909, as well as Editor-in-Chief of the California Art Club Newsletter.  She is also the director of the California Art Club Gallery at The Old Mill in San Marino, and is a published author and lecturer on topics relating to traditional fine art. 


In 1997 Elaine and Peter founded the California Art Academy and Museum, a 501(c3) nonprofit learning institution dedicated to classical training in fine art and California’s artistic heritage.  In November of that year, Southwest Art Magazine named Elaine one of the country’s “Five Most Notable Women.” Other honors include recipient of the Pasadena Arts Council’s Gold Crown Special Award in 2000 for her contributions in advancing contemporary-traditional art.


Prior to her work in the art world, Elaine studied at the University of Southern California where she received dual bachelor’s degrees in mathematics and economics.  After graduation, she worked as a stockbroker for Crowell, Weedon & Co., the largest independent investment firm in the Western United States.  Because of her financial background, many collectors seek her advice and counsel before purchasing contemporary-traditional fine art, as she believes collectors should view their art collections as they would any important asset.  Elaine Adams can be reached at

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