Nick De Pirro

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Rapid Deployment Minimalist Sculpture in the style of the Mujahedin, 2002
untitled sculpture with arrow, 2001
The Big Ball of Ouch, 2003
Mini me/Lil' Nicky ll, 2004
a warm and friendly sculpture, 2001
cylinders, 2001
one of three similar objects forged by hand, 2003
Small Sculpture No. 2, 2002
carts, 2002
Nazi Crate: replica prop with white fedora (from Raiders of the Lost Ark), 2003
Datamine: crate (part of datamine project), 2001
SUNY Pile Project (four hundred), 1999
Storeroom 3205, 1999
rip sequence: fence duck: datamine project, 2000
sculpture raffle, 2001
untitled (UHMW), 2001
untitled sculpture with wall, 2001
Circumambulator, 2005 Collaboration With Ian Williams
RSVP, 2015 Found Paper And Mixed Media
Quick Facts
Lives in
Hoboken, NJ
Works in
Hoboken, NJ
Indiana University, 1998, BFA
The Ohio State University
sculpture, installation, conceptual


Nick De Pirro is an artist based in the New York City metropolitan area with a large studio in Hoboken, NJ. Born in East Chicago Indiana, he has a BFA in fine arts from Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. He received his MFA in art from The Ohio State University. His work normally includes sculpture, video, microprocessor control, or other technologies implemented through a mixed media installation approach. The work often also creates clashes between different artistic practices or even different bodies of work set against each other in a space. In 2007, Nick De Pirro established Project Studios in the R. Neumann and Co. leather factory in Hoboken, NJ which has expanded to house 30,000 sq. ft. of studio space for artists, musicians, and other creative practitioners. In 2013, De Pirro launched PROTO Gallery in Hoboken, a contemporary gallery presenting new contemporary work by emerging and established artists in a 2500 sq. ft. exhibition space and dedicated video projection room.


Artist Statement:

My artistic practice is pronouncing limitations and then breaching them. I seek to integrate myself in systems and organizing principles and the pursuit of unlimited options. The nature of the work, and the material in which it is executed, is dependent only on the circumstances of conceptual need, however expression of the materials used is often the highest priority. The work is never bound to any single methodology or technique, only to the representation of underlying ideas. My approach is one of self-awareness and cultural responsiveness.

I produce sculpture as a means to achieve a physical manifestation of my conceptual intentions in hopes that material objects will convey the significance of the mental constructs responsible for their forms. I often begin by fabricating an object or group of objects using an appropriate material and process, with the intention of later installing these pieces with other objects or sculptures that modify their meanings in some way. I am interested in situational ironies that can occur in these installations, and see them as more important than the individual objects that are used to stage them. These sculptures are used to produce a theatrical situation which calls attention to the conditions that make sculpture operate. Sculpture as a system is the subject.

I perform as a way to further engage myself with my sculptural objects. I often create sculpture that is intended to become part of a performance act. These pieces must keep their integrity as autonomous art objects. They are not props; they are art objects on the gallery stage. The full significance of these objects is only realized in their final installation.

I am interested in borders and conflicts between subjects, and the physical objects, images, and performances that I produce are the products of this interest. At its core, my work is about borders and systems and the way that I engage them.



M.F.A, The Ohio State University, Columbus OH 2001

B.F.A. in Sculpture, Minor in Art History, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN 1998