David Agee

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Modern Slavery, 6-28-2012 Mixed Media 12.25 In X 26.5 In X 3.5 In Inches © David Agee
Ego-Dystonic, 5-10-2012 Mixed Media 60 X 12 X 3.5 Inches © David Agee
Where heroes go to job, 7-1-2009 Mixed Media 54 X 21 X 6 Inches © David Agee
Comfort the Disturbed, 2012 Digital Photograph 25 X 60 X 1 Inches © David Agee 2012
We're Watching, 2009 Digital Photography © David Agee
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Aurora, Colorado
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mixed-media, modern, photography, digital, sculpture
Artist Statement

     Since I was a small, annoyingly curious, OCD kid, I got off on taking things apart. Computers, TVs, power tools, guns, sex toys, dead animals, everything I could get my hands on. I had to see what’s inside for myself. I was never the type to just take your word for it. My love for deconstruction would become a way of art.

     As an adult I dissect with more of a purpose other then inquisitive satisfaction. Now my drive is to build and rearrange my hoarded collection of materials in a way that brings in new life and intensity. Hard drives, bones, mother boards, toys, dolls, different metals, anything goes.

     I am fascinated by the complexity of living organisms and the creativity of our human consciousness. Our minds are insanely brilliant when allowed to reach their full, innovative potential. I have no interest in limiting myself to one medium or subject matter. I can use it all. Either it is all ok or none of it is ok. As an artist I believe I can either create from my head or my heart. Whether others connect with it or not is none of my business. I just hope to create work that makes you ask questions and tilt your head like an adorable dog. If you find something here we have common ground.

      Timothy Leary said, “think for yourself: question authority.” I do my best to live by that idea.

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