Richard McDowell

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Jesus As A Woman, 2011 Mixed Media On Canvas 40x25 © Richard McDowell
Saint Gucci, 2010 Oil On Canvas/Goldleaf 30x24 © Richard McDowell
Saint Tiffany, 2010 Oil On Canvas/Goldleaf 30x24 © Richard McDowell
Saint Paramount, 2010 Oil On Canvas/Goldleaf 30x24 © Richard McDowell
Saint Nickelia, 2010 Oil On Canvas/Goldleaf 30x24 © Richard McDowell
Saints of Fashion, 2009 Acrylic On Canvas/Goldleaf 30x60 © Richard McDowell
Quick Facts
mixed-media, installation, photography, graffiti/street-art, figurative, sculpture

Richard Mc Dowell is an artist of great range.  His creative palette mixes painting, writing and Richard is well received in both the worlds of art and poetry.  On the regional scene, McDowell is a unique fixture in the art world because of his stance, and artistic presentation of social issues.  In addition to the creative musings, Richard is also the co-founder of Brass Tacks Press, which to date has published over thirty-five area poets and authors.

Not many social artists in downtown Los Angeles can boast of helping to create a movement, yet he can.  Over the past ten years Richard has honed his skills as a curator of Urban Contemporary Art. First as a gallery owner, (Gallery 835) on Spring St., and that is now known as Gallery Row.  He has played host to many events that have been well received in Downtown Los Angeles, and was awarded the title of Downtown Poet Laureate, in 2009 by Los Angeles Life Magazine.