Rebekah Waites

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Garden Composition Decomposition, 2007 Oil On Wood 24"X48" © Rebekah Waites
Secretaries, 2006 Oil On Canvas 2' 6" X 48" © Rebekah Waites
Innocent Bliss, 2009 Oil On Canvas 3'6"X 5" © rebekah Waites
Voyeur, 2007 Oil On Canvas 18"X18" © rebekah Waites
Illuminate, 2007 Oil On Canvas 24"X 52" © rebekah Waites
Beth Family Picture, 2007 Oil On Canvas 24" X 18" © Rebekah Waites
Beth Family Picture Prt. 2, 2009 Oil On Canvas 27" X 39" © Rebekah Waites
Lief and Sarah, 2009 Oil On Canvas 24" X 18" © Rebekah Waites
The Choice Oil On Wood Panel 20" X 24"
Into the Trees (Auction Estimate $1000-$1200), 2011 Oil On Wood Panel 21"X39" ©
event poster, 1/2013 Digital © ┬ęThe Haggus Society, Rebekah Waites
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Long Beach
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Long Beach
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), 1998, BA Studio Art
arts-education mixed-media, surrealism, modern, traditional, photography, figurative, conceptual, sculpture
A young girl full of imagination and untapped talent made a life changing discovery one summer afternoon. Rebekah uncovered her mother's long forgotten wooden box of oil paints in the family garage. This dusty wooden box proved to be a treasure trove of inspiration and limitless possibilities. This young artist full of imagination and potential became immersed in teaching herself the techniques of oil painting at the age of ten. However, it wasn't until she was accepted into the Roski's School of Fine Arts at the University of Southern California in 1993 that she began to truly define her own unique artistic style.

Working predominantly with oils on canvas and wood, Rebekah's paintings can be described as hyper-realistic portraits combining sarcasm with dark, depressive elements. The irony of her mixed media pieces is showcased through the dramatic interplay of conflicting emotions. Rebekah blends serious tones with humorous and often twisted imagery. She possesses a gift of conceptualizing beyond the simplicity of the image. The stories brought to life on her canvases slowly unfold for the viewer, often eliciting powerful and passionate emotional responses to these stories of the human condition. Moreover, Rebekah's infatuation with mundane, everyday objects has consistently captivated her audience. In Rebekah's world, light switches, doorknobs, shadows and space become the main focus of the painting often overpowering the human subject.

Rebekah's growing success can be attributed to both her ongoing Southern California gallery shows, as well as a loyal client base. Her passion for her work is undeniable, and referral business on commissioned pieces has continued to thrive. When Rebekah is not immersed in her home studio creating, you can find her playing guitar, spinning records, teaching private art lessons to children and living life to it's fullest with her supportive and loving partner Laura. To see more of Rebekah's work, you can visit her on the web at