anassuwandi ahmad

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Mix Media 23 In (W) X 84 In (H) ©
Mix Media 24 In (W) X 84 In (H) X 2 Panel (48 In X 84in) ©
Mix Media 16 In X 48 In X 3 Panel ©
trap series no 19, 2009 Arcylic 48 In X 48 In © anassuwandi
trap series no 20, 2009 Acrylic 48 In X 48 In © anassuwandi
trap series no 21, 2009 Acrylic 50 In X 50 In © anassuwandi
the dance battle no 17, 2008 Acrylic 33 In X 33 In © anassuwandi
the dance battle no 18, 2008 Acrylic 33 In X 33 In © anassuwandi
Quick Facts
kedah, malaysia
Birth year
nov 1967
Lives in
kedah, malaysia
Works in
kedah, malaysia
mixed-media, modern, conceptual, sculpture

My name is Anassuwandi Ahmad, I am a full time artist from Kedah, Malaysia. I graduated in 91' from MARA University of Technology, B.A in Art and Design, majoring in Fine Art.


Such a vacuum, our mind inhales and records each moment and perception from experience around. It collects and become a coagulator, where finally bring it out and, which is done by me to produce my artworks.

I create a deep perception angle of our life; seeing the nature and human has connected and interact with one another. To express by memories, glimpses and experiences will interpret through to. That collection of images and surrounding objects has been delivered through my artwork. Through process of experimental called ‘self expression’; consumption as: colour, brush stroke, drip, splash, texture, accidental, colours, structure, line, light, shadow, form and line in 3D are some elements that producing my artwork.

This is the way I translate a deep feeling appearing onto something surface, in comparison to; musician of a songs note, or poet to a sheet of paper. Abstraction gives a freedom to compose without pinioned to something image or particular certain object only but from our mind processes.

Its challenges the process of mind creation, involve for expression; without having a restriction; doing experimental in creating. This kind of art is an ongoing discussion, of course with some interpretation by people. Some of my artworks are relevant with one another narration angle of, theme and procedure of production. One suggestion for the completion of the work is when my feeling has seen enough elements succeed decorated in full or part of it, although it is not as a totally final satisfaction from creation of art form.

Every work has deep limits in production, but there is no ending, neither a full stop narration to produce of my artworks, its will continuously producing. Abstraction is the best way to express what’s in person. Each experience from the deep perception towards life is as much as artworks.

In my experience come into mind process, until producing an artworks; I like to see the audience react, how do they feel, think, talk and make a statement by their own perceptions based on their experience.