Tanja Aumanen

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the Wall, 2010 Acrylic Paint Om Plywood, Iron 160 X 140 Cm © Tanja Aumanen and Peter Hedman
Amor Fati, 2011 Acrylic Paint On Canvas 100 X 100 Cms © Tanja Aumanen
Female Heritage, 2011 Acrylic Paint On Canvas 130 X 130 Cms © Tanja Aumanen
Borderline, 2011 Acrylic Paint On Canvas 100 X 100 Cms © Tanja Aumanen
Conscience, 2011 Acrylic Paint On Canvas 85 X 85 Cms © Tanja Aumanen
Friend in Suite Acrylic Paint © Tanja Aumanen
Reflections, 2008 Acrylic Paint
Separate Rooms, 2008 Acrylic Paint © Tanja Aumanen
Theme of the Night, 2007 Acrylic Paint © Tanja Aumanen
The Puzzle, 2008 Acrylic Paint On Wood, Iron © Tanja Aumanen
The Puzzle of Life, 2008 Acrylic Paint On Wood, Iron © Tanja Aumanen
Cats !, 2006 © Tanja Aumanen
Evening, 2010 Acrylic Paint On Paper 70 X 60 Cm
In the Early Morning Hours, 2010 Acrylicpaint On Paper 64 X 74 Cm © Tanja Aumanen
Cliche', 2011 Acrylic Paint On Board, Wrought Iron, Metal Sheet 140 X 100 Cms © Tanja Aumanen and Peter Hedman
Empathy and Past - Present, 2011 Acrylic Paint On Hardboard, Wrought Iron 95 X 95 Cm Each © Tanja Aumanen and Peter Hedman
Quick Facts
Works in
Jakobstad, Finland
Representing galleries
Butler-Goode Gallery, Sydney, Australia
mixed-media, sculpture

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Tanja Aumanen, born 1967 in Jakobstad, Finland.

Mainly, I work with painting, and find my inspiration in the simple dilemmas of an ordinary day as well as in large issues of global character. My wish is to catch the interest of the audience, and through thoughts and impressions set the imagination in their minds in motion. There is very often a strike of sarkasm and humour in my works. Colours, forms and structures appeal to me and I often paint in many layers, where abstract surfaces meet human shapes and objects. I look for the unexpected meetings and work with my own sets of questions.

Beside the paintings I like to work with illustrations.

I also work together with artist blacksmith Peter Hedman, we unite metal and painting in common works. The last five years we have worked together with different themes for our exhibitions in galleries in both Helsinki and Stockholm. We have also made art for public places togehter, and we design products for gardens and interiors. We are always looking for new challenges.

Do take a look at our common homepage for further information and cv.