Reyes Rodriguez

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LA Times review written by Elina Shatkin 8/2/2007  
Shizu Saldamando at Tropico de Nopal Gallery Art-Space August 4th, 2007 - September 1st, 2007
Posted 10/12/08
  Archive for Thursday, August 02, 2007 GALLERY Chicano portraiture meets Siouxsie Sioux The artist’s meticulous, almost photo-realistic works are a hybrid that’s ‘very L.A.’ By Elina ShatkinAugust 02, 2007      COMBINING elements of traditional Chicano portraiture, lowrider art and pinta (jailhouse) art, Shizu Saldamando’s delicate paintings and drawings depict a generation of young adults not commonly seen on canvases or gallery walls. So it seems fitting... [more]