Jim McHugh

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"Russian Art Week" International Exhibition & Competition
Hi. Welcome to the "Russian Art Week" International Exhibition & Competition of Contemporary Arts, which will be held in Moscow (27 September-4 October, 2009) and St. Petersburg (6-11 October, 2009). There are two ways to participate for the competition – online (IN ABSENTIA) and in person (INTERNAL WAY). Program and the competition include 6 international contests: 1)Painting Competition, 2)Graphic Competition, 3)Design Competition, 4)Photography Competition, 5)Sculpture Competition, 6)Crafts Competition. If you are interested in this project - please contact me Our Website: Fedor
Comment by: artweek on Monday 09/14/09 at 11:23 PM
Invitation to my gallery
Hi your work is very interesting, I like your unusual way of thinking. Please take a moment today and check out my art and Cast your vote for me if you like what you see. Thanks, Ilana
Comment by: Ilana Aviv on Saturday 04/11/09 at 9:38 PM
Westweek show at the Pacific Design Center
Wow, such a beautiful show, I checked it out last week. The bold portraits of celebrities, and the landscapes have to be seen to be appreciated. I really loved the Los Angeles series which shows glimpses of the mythic LA that even locals miss. You should check out this show by this master of photography. I'm going to check out the show opening on 4/7 at 5:30-9pm at the PDC.
Comment by: dsirh on Monday 04/06/09 at 8:03 AM