Jim McHugh

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Michael's Glove

                  30" x 40" Edition of 12       ©1985 Jim McHugh       " I had to sign an agreement that I would tell no one that the glove was in my possession and that we would make no outside phone calls while the glove was present in the studio... At the end of the shoot, a limo carrying three very large security men arrived to pick up the glove.  .....Funny, the things that you remember." from the forthcoming book   'Just One More: A Photographer's Life '   [more]
Posted by Jim McHugh on 7/7/09


Alejandro "El Alacran" PerezPolaroid and Drawing • Ink on Paper• Ed. of 25I keep going back to this theme [more]
Posted by Jim McHugh on 6/23/09
Posted by Jim McHugh on 6/22/09