Roger Brown

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Roger Brown, Lilli Carré, David Leggett, Amy Lockhart, Ellen Nielsen, Jim Nutt, Anders Oinonen, JOHN PAROT, Ed Paschke, Christina Ramberg at DePaul Art Museum September 14th, 2012 - November 18th, 2012
Posted 9/18/12
The Imagists and the Cubs are quintessentially Chicagoan institutions that are similarly maligned in much of the rest of the country while continuing to hold sway locally. Like the Cubs, the Imagists have an intensely regional flavor, and the loyalty conjured of its adherents and descendants appears mysterious to outsiders. Aptly named, Afterimage traces the trajectory and diaspora of the Imagists’ influence upon artists based in or with ties to Chicago. The opening of Afterimage marks the... [more]
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Roger Brown at Hyde Park Art Center June 20th, 2010 - October 3rd, 2010
Posted 7/12/10
      Chicago likes to claim Roger Brown as its own, but that’s really only half true.  Roger Brown was born and raised in Alabama, lived in Tennessee, traveled in Europe and Egypt, and as “Roger Brown: Calif., U.S.A.” at the Hyde Park Art Center (HPAC) reminds us, owned homes in Michigan and La Conchita, California, in addition to his residence in Chicago and his time spent here.  Brown’s Virtual Still Life series of paintings and his home and studio in La Conchita that housed eclectic... [more]
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