Robert Moran (MOURN)

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Invitation - Thank you
Hello Robert. Re your artists site; I shall go and have a look now & thank you again for inviting me to join. I shall do so. Please forgive my delay though - I have to box up my machine ready to be fixed - back again in just under two weeks. 'See' you then - Elena
Comment by: EC on Friday 09/04/09 at 11:58 AM
Hi Moran
Have you come out of your mourning mood? Please take a juried show case entry and give me your views! May God give you the strength to overcome your grief and give you only happiness in future. With Best Wishes, Yours most truly, Ramakrishna Yellepeddi
Comment by: Ramakrishna Yellepeddi on Friday 05/29/09 at 9:44 AM
hi robert
i like the way that you think of art ,, keep on the good work
Comment by: yasser rostom on Friday 04/24/09 at 5:25 AM
Hi Robert
Like you, I never had a teacher either - I would rather "do it my way". Your work is truly original and I really like "Satan's Sock Puppet" Brilliant colour! Please visit my gallery and if you like what you see, your vote would be appreciated. Thank you
Comment by: Stephanie Moore on Thursday 04/23/09 at 3:09 PM
i had the same experience
dear Robert, thank you for commenting on my work; i appreciate yours too, especially that i spent my childhood and adolescence copying comic strips, and this is how i trained my hands and eyes (whichever comes first:).... when i was 21, i took my paintings, they were 50 X 70 cm, and met the late "great egyptian painter" Enji Eflaton; with cigarette at hand (a 15 cm filter) she game me the ultimate annoucement: "this is not painting; i do not see how you can be an artist"...... two years later i had my first solo, today in am 3 museum collections... i am 45 and enjoy every bit of my painting:)
Comment by: Khaled Hafez on Tuesday 04/21/09 at 10:27 AM