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Hi Solomon Nice to see you here and thanks for adding me to your watchlist
Comment by: Stephanie Moore on Saturday 02/19/11 at 8:04 AM
hi Solomon! big thanx for ur interest about my works!im looking ur site not only Artslant. i like ur b&w photos!good job! if u want some new from my works look at:
Comment by: Paul Pulszartti on Friday 02/18/11 at 5:47 PM
nice to see you again SOLOMON befor afew days i met the canadian imbasador in an event in Amman- Jordan hope to organize an exhibition in Canda with you and him .. i will ask you to advice me about some detiles if you dont minde thanks Issam
Comment by: Issam Tantawi on Thursday 10/21/10 at 2:20 AM
hello Solomon love your work
Comment by: Issam Tantawi on Thursday 02/18/10 at 4:53 AM
fiu fiu
thx buddy and good luck
Comment by: wojtek kielar on Wednesday 04/29/09 at 10:30 AM