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1149, 2007 Multiple Archival Inkjet 11" Tall © Jennifer D Anderson
No. 73 Belligerency Suite, 2007 Archival Inkjet And Lithography On Found Paper © Jennifer D Anderson
Comets Tail (detail) © M Sherwood Brock
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University of Georgia

If being a human, means our identity is composed of a layering of stories, those we retell about ourselves and those we overtime ascribe importance and value to, my work deals with those stories that often go untold or forgotten; the stories of the physical body.

I hope to reflect variable aspects of what it means to own a human body. A body filled with internal organs and processes, with strengths, weaknesses, limitations, and the potential for rampant ugliness as well as profound beauty. How much of whom we are is expressed in the physical aspects of our personage, and how society, medicine, and time can affect that.

My interest is the transience of flesh that even when shaped, altered, or destroyed does not deny its permanence of being the vessel of human life, and those most basic similarities we all have as human beings. I have been focusing on those elements we all have in common and hoping to find a visual poetry there in. My desire is to express a hopeful, yet abstracted view of life.

The physical qualities and characteristics of drawing, printmaking, and papermaking have motivated me to focus much of my work in these media. Working in processes that reflect the movement and activity of my body and visceral energies speaks directly to the content of my art. However, I have recently begun to combine traditional hand based media with digital processes and outputs. This combination is of increasing appeal to me as it reflects our current societal context and the way computers have become so integrated into our lives changing our daily activities, languages, and social interactions.

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The visceral and corporal understanding of the body presented in Jennifer D. Anderson’s work arises from the folk lore of her Southern Appalachian upbringing. Through the combination of hand processes and digital imaging, she examines the complexity of the human form and life, creating these hard, harrowing images tempered by their vulnerability and ephemeral nature.

Her work has been exhibited in both national and international venues and is included in several public and private collections including the Royal Museum of Fine Art, Antwerp, Belgium. Upcoming exhibitions of Jennifer’s work will include shows in Cincinnati, Ohio, Oakland, California, and The Brand Library and Art Center in Glendale, California.

Anderson received her BFA from East Tennessee State University and her MFA in printmaking from The University of Georgia in 2001. As an educator, she has taught bookbinding, printmaking and drawing at a variety of institutions; including Loyola-Marymont University and the J. Paul Getty Museum.

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