Irina Gabiani

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"Samaia or Triamazikamno" Video Performance © (C)
"Samaia or Triamazikamno" Video Performace © (C)
"Samaia or Triamizikamno", - Video Performance © (C)
"Samaia or Triamazikamno", 2007 Video Performance © (C)
Samaia or Triamazikamno, 2007 Still From Video Performance © (C)
Urtiertkavshiri(Vitruvian Woman video insatallation), 2009 Video © (C)
Urtiertkavshiri(Vitruvian Woman video installation), 2009 Video © (C)
Urtiertkavshiri (Vitruvian Woman video installation), 2009 Video © (C)
The Heart, 1998 Acrylic, Inc, Photocopy On Mdf 50 X 90cm © ©
The breath of Unnamed , 1998 Acrylic, Inc, Photocopy On Mdf 50 X 90cm © ©
Quick Facts
Tbilisi, Georgia
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Gerrit Rietveld Academy
mixed-media, installation, video-art, performance, photography, conceptual, sculpture, exhibition/performance

Born 1971, Tbilisi (Georgia)


Lives and works in Luxembourg from 1998



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Born 1971, Tbilisi (Georgia), lives and works in Luxembourg


Gerrit Rietveld Academy of Art, Amsterdam, 1994-1997
Academy of Art of Tbilisi, 1990-1994
School of Art of Tbilisi, 1986-1990


The Universe in its holistic essence is the focus of the research of the artist according to whom we all belong to a unique system, to a "big organism" imagined as a kind of complex, interrelated chain, of which we, and everything around us, are a part.

Trying to see beyond what we can perceive with our eyes, going beyond the vision of the world as we use to know, the artist researches the innumerable similarities between the infinitely big and the infinitely small within matter. The two "worlds" look as though they mirror one another.  The more we know matter and understand its complexity which escapes us at a simple glance, the more the infinitely small leads us to the universe. For this reason, especially in her recent works, images of the micro and macro universes appear one next to the other and, sometimes, the images from the micro exceed the dimension of those from the macro. Discovering infinite worlds within our every-day surroundings leads the artist to believe that there are other parallel realities in time and space.

Irina Gabiani works with drawing, painting, installation, video and performance.

Her works have been shown in 36 different countries:

France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus, Greece, South Korea, Ukraine, Slovenia, Georgia, United Kingdom, Lithuania, Canada, USA, Romania, Luxembourg, South Africa, The Netherlands,  Finland, Poland, Syria, Armenia, India, Hungary, China, Macao, Sweden, Australia, Estonia, Latvia, Lebanon.



"The work of the Georgian artist is characterised by a virtuoso use of different media and materials. Drawings, photography, painting, sculpture in porcelain or ceramics are contsantly present in her artistic production...
.... The artist has elaborated an extremely refined language both from a formal and a conceptual point of view, where the influence of the oriental culture and philosophy can be found ....." (translation from Igor Zanti, Arte tra i piedi, Catalogue)


"... Irina Gabiani ... manipulates works made of sculpture, performance, drawing, photography and video. It is a long reasoning on forces and matters, visible and invisible, that compose life and human beings. Being they objects or metaphorical theatrical representations, to which the video gives the features of a demiurgic parable. ..."   (from Olga Gambari, Video Dia Loghi 2007, Catalogue)


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