Alison Williams

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Quick Facts
mixed-media, installation, landscape, photography, digital, conceptual, sculpture

Gardening negotiates the boundary between imposing actions and reacting to nature's wildness. My art practice is informed by years of gardening. In both art and gardening I navigate the tension between an expected and a disrupted path. As a result, I have come to realize that my role is that of a facilitator. I set parameters and initiate material intersections, then I am engaged in a relationship with how the materials assert themselves and move beyond the imposed parameters. The results evidence my actions: decayed canvases, vessels of pigment from boiled flowers, and plant matter sandwiched between glass sheets. My Glasshouses are designed to exhibit and contextualize this evidence as a way to engage the viewer with my process, as well as engage them with the garden. The houses, like a garden, are private spaces, yet because they are glass they are also open to public view; the artwork is protected, yet at the same time exposed, the viewer has a private experience, but can also be seen.

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