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Mason Saltarrelli at Charles Bank Gallery

In this day and age of hyper-connectedness—think texting, social media, and cloud storage—artist Mason Saltarrelli is something of a throwback. Leaving his canvas exposed to the elements to be stained, this natural background gives him a starting point for his intuitive approach of mythical mark-making. Is he a shaman? It’s hard to say, but some of his paintings certainly appear like they could channel spirits from another world. The paintings and works on paper that make up Saltarrelli’s solo... [more]
Posted by Chris Bors on 3/15/14

Eric Yahnker at the Hole

Although there was no laugh track piped into Eric Yahnker’s first solo show in New York, , it wouldn’t have been out of place. Perfectly timed just as the race for the presidency of the United States was ramping up, Yahnker’s two bodies of work, detailed large-scale drawings and mixed-media sculptures using found objects, both tweak existing presumptions and stereotypes in the mass media to create a new take on our present state of affairs. The title of the exhibition refers to U.S.... [more]
Posted by Chris Bors on 3/15/14

Nicolas Touron at Stux Gallery

With their intense amount of detail and the artist’s superb draftsmanship, Nicolas Touron’s paintings relate to the work of European graphic artists such as Dutch cartoonist and graphic designer Joost Swarte, introduced to a U.S. audience in the pages of the influential magazine RAW, edited by Art Spiegalman and Françoise Mouly, as well as the dreamlike worlds of American cartoonist and animator Winsor McCay, creator of the comic strip Little Nemo in Slumberland. To achieve this graphic effect,... [more]
Posted by Chris Bors on 2/25/14

Michael Bevilacqua at Gering & Lopez

Often finding himself listening to one Joy Division song on repeat for weeks at a time, Michael Bevilacqua took one year to finish the massive 30-foot-long canvas An Ideal For Living, 2012, letting the music be more than just background entertainment. Immersing himself in the legendary Manchester-based band’s whole output, including rare recordings, Bevilacqua may have found the perfect soundtrack for his work and his life. Starting with a stripped-down, punk attitude, as heard in their An... [more]
Posted by Chris Bors on 4/1/13

Dutch Diary

While the ban on selling marijuana to tourists in Amsterdam does not go into effect until 2013, nothing seems out of the ordinary in the city, although drastic funding cuts in the arts have clearly spooked and affected artists and arts organizations. Many cultural institutions are scheduled to have their government funding taken away by next year, perhaps the most prominent being the Rijksakademie, which will now focus chiefly on their well-known residency program and collaborate with fellow... [more]
Posted by Chris Bors on 10/1/12