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Back on Artslant

Been away from Artslant and posting my art here for some time.  Personal life got really busy and somewhat hectic here and there but I during that time I did get some drawings in and kept myself busy during free time to do art.  I noticed that I had art from over a year ago that I had completed so they are now added on my profile page so you can take a look, enjoy. [more]
Posted by Pablo Ramos on 4/16/13

"Art with Enyart" online live interview 2-15-2010

On Feb. 15th,  2010, I was invited over to Jack Enyart's studio in Downtown Los Angeles for a live one on one interview to chat about art, influences, and figure out what got me to draw the way I do today.  Jack Enyart is a cartoonist and a cartoon art consultant who has been in the L.A. art scene for quite sometime.  He's been interviewing artists for about 4 to 5 months and his team is hoping to get sponsership for this wonderful little show, that not only brings good conversation with the... [more]
Posted by Pablo Ramos on 2/16/10

The sold art piece

When I was in college I had taken an art class at L.A.C.C.. Our art instructor had us drawing with quill pens and india ink,  very messy but, it's not art if it's not a bit messy to begin with.  I learned about cross hatching, stippling, and contour line drawing.   One of our assignments was to do a few ink drawings of whatever we wanted so I chose to draw musicians.  I did three piece I think.  I drew Bob Marley, John Lennon and Gene Vincent and the blue Caps copying album covers. From what I... [more]
Posted by Pablo Ramos on 1/4/10

The office

It's New Years Eve and I really can't think of much to write on except... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! [more]
Posted by Pablo Ramos on 12/31/09

Tahiti inspired most of my work

  All the art work I did for 2009 was inspired from a trip I took in 2008 to Tahiti to visit my friends Randy and Hideko.  I was my first visit there and both my wife (Louise) and I saw so many wonderful things on that trip.  Lots of overgrown vegetation, sea life, and wonderful tasty foods.... Oh and lets not forget the local beer, Hinano!     My visual experience in Tahiti was something so surreal and I guess life changing for me.  Lou and I bought a little sketch pad and began a few series... [more]
Posted by Pablo Ramos on 12/30/09

How I started with art

Well, I have to say my mom was my inspiration for me being somewhat artistic.  She used to help me color in my coloring books and she really made crayons colors pop on a page.  I was way to young to really understand color balance.  I have to say that was the beginning of it all. Before 2008, I did lots of doodling and took some art classes in city college.  I'm really more or less self taught.  My first art piece "Thieves" was created using only a ball point blue pen on laser copy paper.  I... [more]
Posted by Pablo Ramos on 12/29/09


Hi,     I'm on facebook and have a fan page a friend created for me for my art.  In it you'll find photo albums of my latest works as well as some of my beginning sketches during my college years and various galleries I've visited. Please feel free to add me as a friend or join my fan page, thanks. [more]
Posted by Pablo Ramos on 6/1/09