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A Person who smells like Flour, Curry, Chocolate, 2008 Photography H 93.7" X W 35.3" © JINKYUNG CHONG
washing my sin, 2010 Performance 30*40inch © jinkyug chong
washing my sin, 2010 Performance 30*40 © jinkyung chong
washing my sin, 2010 Performance 30*40 © jinkyung chong
washing my sin, 2010 Performance 1hour © jinkyung chong
washing my sin, 2010 Performance 1hour © jinkyung chong
washing my sin, 2010 Performance 1hour © jinkyung chong
Quick Facts
Birth year
performance, photography, conceptual

statement of the work
Through my physical body who is called Jinkyung Chong,  I’m representing two artists, that are actually two aspects of myself.  The first I call “JIN”. The second I call “NANI”.
Jin is a person who lives in the boundary of the society, and sustains herself by depending on exterior rules. The reason I named her with part of my real name “Jinkyung” is
because she is the person who is acceptable to be shown my daily life. I know and believe “JIN”  to be more acceptable to the world than “NANI” even though in some sense
they are part of the same personality which is the fully developed me, Jinkyung Chong.
To identify the renovated sense of self I used the name “NANI” The name “NANI” is a combinatory syntax derived from the Korean words “나(Na) which means Me” and the
word 니(Ni) which means You”. In Korea we use the world NANI, when one intends to lower or denigrate a person in a negative way, as a person who is taking ownership
of his/her sense of self, as a signifier of a person who has his/her own world and doesn’t capitulate to the rules of society....I chose the name “NANI” for this part of me that doesn’t care about others.
For "jin" art is approached quite essentially. Jin values simplicity and universal concepts such as purity/impurity, essentialness, harmony/disharmony.
For Jin the process of creation creating art of art is meditative but also art for Jin is torture as well.  
For “NANI”, on the other hand, the creation of art is less torturous and more like playing around.  As is true for “JIN” so is it true for “NANI’ that she reveals her character
only through the fantasy of play and projection through art-making. It is how she comes alive and is able to identify herself.
This life size photo project is called “A person who smells like flower, chocolate, and curry” done in  2008. In the first photo the NANI character is covered with flour.
In the middle she is covered with chocolate. Curry powder covers the NANI character’s body in the third photograph.
 With those three materials as well as with their color and smell NANI represents the three major races...
The NANI character relies mainly on her instinctive approach to life. This is how she sees and differentiates the races, without
having to be bothered by the linguistic signifiers “KOREAN”, “AFRICAN”, “INDIAN”, “AMERICAN” conveniently applicable for our normative use
 when identifying people by various nationalities.
For example in our private lives for example we create boundaries and set limits that determine the areas of intimacy that are subject to feelings and touch
 whether we identify with that other person as father, husband, girl friend, teacher or acquaintance. This artwork addresses NANI’s lack of limitations and boundaries
 as they apply to a show of intimacy, appropriate or not. Nani is just as likely to give you a big kiss or else sleep with you to show you how she negotiates the field of intimate relations. For in “NANI’s” world a different set of rules applies to such behavior, a new set of norms that are not “normative.”
    They will keep producing art with their own way through the physical body of “JINKYUNG CHONG” and through the determinate and indeterminate poetry of the language of visual art.

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