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Aztec calaca, 2008 © gallery azul
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Gallery Azul started out as the art studio of Ray Vasquez and Cora Ramírez-Vasquez.  Our mission was and continues to be to provide a venue to explore and investigate the art world via thematic events, dynamic exhibits, and to provide a platform for artist to collaborate and showcase contemporary and cultural artworks.

Gallery Azul opened its doors on November 2nd, 2006 with a group show in honor of the years old Mexican celebration of life “Dia de Los Muertos” (Day of the Dead). From that day forward Ray and Cora have committed themselves to finding high quality cultural and conceptual art to add to the San Pedro Art scene.

Gallery Azul has hosted several group shows as well as solo shows. We developed a reputation as a cultural gallery due to themed shows which focused on exploring the significance of certain events. For example, with the Dia de Los Muertos exhibition came a comprehensive explanation of this celebration. The “Ofrenda” (the altar) was explained, “pan de muerto” was explained “papel picado” (perforated paper) was explained, the “Calaveras”(skeletons) significance was explained. The same occurred for our “What is love” show; the history of St. Valentine and its pagan roots were explored. Our Controversy show was thought provoking, for it offered artists and art afficionados both the opportunity to contemplate issues of which we as a society will probably never agree on (for more on this show visit and search for art and design online controversy). 

Our goal is for the community to our shows with new information and a deeper appreciation of how art can help increase our understanding of significant events which affect us all.