Luca Antonucci

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Soft Arc 1 - Application Image, 4/19/10 Acrylic And Mylar 10 By 10 By 10
Soft Arc Shape 2 - no packaging, 4/19/10 Acrylic And Mylar 10 By 10 By 10
Soft Arc Shapes 1-3, 4/19/10 Acrylic And Mylar 10 By 10 By 10
Soft Arc Shape 2, 4/19/10 Acrylic And Mylar 10 By 10 By 10
Soft Arc Shape 1, 4/19/10 Acrylic And Mylar 10 By 10 By 10
Soft Arc Shape 1 Detail, 4/19/10 Acrylic And Mylar 10 By 10 By 10
Soft Arc Vol.1 , 2010 Cathode Tube C Print 20 By 30
Soft Arc Vol.1, 2010 Cathode Tube And C Print 20 By 30
Soft Arc Vol.1, 2010 Crt And C Print 20 By 30
Soft Arc Vol. 1, 2010 Crt To C Print 20 By 30
Soft Arc Vol. 1, 2010 Crt To C Print 20 By 30
Seeking Someone, Jan 07, 2011
Bad Hand, 2015
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Data can be thought of as existing on two distinct, but interconnected levels. There is the physical area of the microchip or signal, and the virtual space contained within. Video imaging can be thought of in this same way. A video can be seen as a representation of a real event or as a landscape on its own that occupies time and space. This allows a complex system of perception an abbreviation with a unique focus. It describes a natural system by reducing it to data and reinterpreting it into a force or code. In essence, a signal is not just compressed information, but an architectural system.


Sculpting with signals, fragments of visual information are stretched over an enormous canvas. Thus, they are re-interpreted in relation to another axis. My images attempt to use this material to reveal, reconstruct and ultimately put in contention physical and artificial landscapes. We are always the architects of this data space. Data is often thought of an infrastructure paralleled with architecture and our information, the buildings that occupy the virtual landscape. However, the space exists outside of us. What about this terrain? It is a land governed by its own laws, boundaries, and physicality. It is everything all over again, but different.


I'm interested in everything. Everything all at once. Sampling it all and reducing it to a signal, then building it back up again and the success and failures of that feat. Somewhere between the two lies a subtle and significant beauty. Somewhere between two images, is an image that describes two parallel visual fields. These images instigate a collapsing of physical and virtual systems to create a common visual language operating on both planes.


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