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Interview with Juried Winner Christopher Mercier

i Christopher Joan Honoridez-Mocorro a.k.a. Joan of Art interviews Juried Winner Christopher Lawrence Mercier from opposite ends of the globe in different times but with one objective. JHM: I am truly honored and awestruck to do this interview of an amazing artist: painter, sculptor and architect all in one! I studied your Artslant profile where you described the process of accomplishing incredible artworks with a "more contemporary ‘renaissance’ approach to spatial... [more]
Posted by J. Honoridez aka Joan of Art on 10/26/09


I'm looking forward to attending a four-day course in basic playwriting at the Negros Museum! On Monday, I received an e-mail from the workshop coordinator, Ms. Tanya Lopez, prepping us for advance readings of several plays, and for late night intensive sessions (wow!). She's glad that I have signed up for the Workshop (pandayan literally means workshop) so that it will serve as a good cross-training for my visual art.  I'm also currently teaching basic sketching and oil pastels to a total... [more]
Posted by J. Honoridez aka Joan of Art on 5/6/09