Tom Herrin

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Tom's Butterfly NFS, December 2010 Watercolor 11x15 © Yes, All Rights Reserved
Bisco Barn, March 2010 Watercolor 11x14
White Wagon Flowers, September 2010 Watercolor 11x14 © Yes, All Rights Reserved
Tuscan Landscape, March 2010 Pastel And Ink 11x14 © Yes, All Rights Reserved
Untitled Abstract, November 2008 Watercolor Small © Yes, All Rights Reserved
Untitled Abstract, MSW Show Painting, March 2008 Mixed Media 16 X20 Inches © Yes, All Rights Reserved
Lloyd, September 2008 Acrylic Small © Yes, All Rights Reserved
Cesi Apartments, October 2007 Watercolor 11x14
Valles di San Martino NFS, July 2007 Acrylic 30x30 © Yes, All Rights Reserved
Lloyd, July 2007 Watercolor Study Small © Yes, All Rights Reserved
Benched Chickens NFS, October 2005 Watercolor 11x14
War Eagles Ladies NFS, June 2005 Watercolor And Acrylic 11x14 © Yes, All Rights Reserved
David's Birdhouses, 2003 Watercolor 8x10 © Yes, All Rights Reserved
La Romita Sunflowers NFS, November 2001 Watercolor 11x14 © Yes, All Rights Reserved
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Little Rock
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Mather Lodge, Shoppes on Woodlawn, Sage House Gallery
Shows mixed-media landscape, Galleries realism modern, traditional, photography, digital, figurative

tommysart-my adult name was, and is Tom Herrin; however I prefer my childhood name tommy, thus the ID tommysart. I was a schooled professional but now I am a practicing artist. My work has evolved from real to made up. Working is several media I paint, print, and assemble works of art. Let's face it, age makes a difference. When I was younger and just starting out I did mostly realistic works. Now at the advanced age of 73, I do mostly works that are abstract, expressive, unpredictable and often unexpected. In the beginning it was a journey with little or no guidance-I just did not always know what to do. Now I mostly know what to do but often have to waite for the right moment to start. So goes life.  I live is a quite neighborhood in a small city in a rural state. My wife and I almost never leave the State unless we are visiting children. However, I was able to go to Italy in 2001 and again in 2007 to attend two week sessions at the La Romita School of Art in Terni. Italy is magical. The artistic effects of being there lasted long after I left to return to my rural home in Arkansas. One of my paintings done after I returned in 2007 was chosen for an award in the Arkansas National Pastel Exhibition by Albert Handel, a noted Santa Fe pastelist. The work was a painting of a lovely hillside village called Valles di San Martino. So what am I doing now. I have been pouring acrylic with my teacher and friend Amy Imler. Amy is a wonderful artist who was schooled at The Cincinati School of Art, was first a watercolorist and now is painting in acrylic. My painting, an untitled abstract, was recently selected for the Mid-Southern Watercolorist Exhibition. The show opens is a few days. Today, I am submitting my application for Artist in the Air, a show to be held at The Winthrop Rockefeller Institute on Petit Jean Mountian. Last year I received an award for one of my paintings in that show. So you can see life goes on until it doesn't. Wish me Luck-Health, Wealth, Love, and the time to enjoy all of them.