Marya Krogstad

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Untitled (Night boat), 2012. participant sits in boat in shallow lagoon, may view themself in TV Multi Media, Boat Seated In Water, Tv Monitor, Camera 120" X 156" X 216" (Variable) © marya krogstad, 2012
Untitled (nightboat), 2012 Subject Sits In Boat Seated In Water 120" X 156" X 215" © 2012, photo courtesy of Emmanuelle Namont Kouznetsov
Untitled (night boat), with wall projection, 2012. viewer seated in boat in water/shallow lagoon can see a posterior view of themself in the wall projection Multi Media, Boat Seated In Water, Camera, Projector, Wood 180" X 147" X 260" Variable © marya krogstad, 2013
Untitled (disappear darkroom, Version B). exterior/interior views. Subject watches themself disappear in mirror into total darkness: afterimage(s) akin to live photographic negative or aura may be seen., 2013 Multi Media Installation. Interactive. Subject Sits And Watches Themself Disappear In Mirror As Light Gradually Fades To Complete Darkness In Lightproof Room. Afterimage(S) Or Aura Akin To Live Photographic Negative May Be Seen. 99” X 124” X 96” (Variable)  © Marya Krogstad, 2013
Untitled (disappear darkroom, Version B prototype-exterior view), 2012 Multi Media Installation. Subject Sits Inside And Watches Themself In Mirror Disappear As Light Gradually Fades To Complete Darkness In Lightproof Room, Afterimage(S) Or Halo Akin To Live Photographic Negative May Be Seen 99" X 96" X 96" (Approximate, Size Variable) © marya krogstad, 2012
Untitled (disappear darkroom), Version A, 2010, 21 Grand; 2007, Vernissage Multimedia, Interactive.Subject Sits In Front Of Mirror, Watches Themself Closely In Mirror As Light Gradually Dims To Utter Darkness, Just Before Light Is Extinguished, An Aura Or Negative Image(S), Akin To A Live Photograph May Be Seen 99" X 96" X 96" (Approximate, Varies) © 2010, 2007-bottom left photo credit JD Beltran
Bonaventure , 2010-2013 Video Installation In Shipping Container 102" X 96" X 102" © 2013 marya krogstad
Bonaventure, 2010-2013 Video Installation 102" X 96" X 102" © 2013 marya krogstad
Untitled, 2013 Environment/Sculptural Installation © 2013 marya krogstad
Untitled (paraboloids), 2012 102"X 204"X 120" Variable © 2012 marya krogstad
Untitled (paraboloids), 2012 180" X 147" X 240" Variable © 2012 marya krogstad
Permeable Paraboloid (i like to see infinity), 2013 Sculptural Installation 104" X 54" X 54" © 2013 marya krogstad
Quick Facts
Encounter, Participant, film, filmmaker, sculpture, mixed-media, installation, video-art, conceptual
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