BEAta Pflanz

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I'M LIVING IN MY OWN PAINTING, just finished 10.10.2009 Silicone On The Wall (Mural) About 400 M Sq (All House) © BEAta Pflanz, ovner
from cycle "The Metatoms", 2007 Pure Drawing 105x75 Cm © BEAta Pflanz, ovner
From cycle "Between Between", 2009 Oil On Linen Canvas 175x155 Cm © BEAta Pflanz, ovner
from cycle Between Between, 2009 Oil On Linen Canvas 175x155 Cm © BEAta Pflanz, ovner
Behind the space..., 2008/2009 Oil On Canvas 180 Cm/ 250 Cm © BEAta Pflanz, ovner
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Academy of Art University in Poznań, 2007
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My name is BEAta Pflanz, I.m an artist who just finished  I'M LIVING IN MY OWN PAINTING.

Realy! I'm painting my own house in one big composition - about 400m2!


My favorite words are: independence, obstinate, free, brave, fresh, different, hard – working, obstinacy, cheerful, consequent…
I`m still hungry: I love to eat a life three times in day…
My story is incredible but my language is my artwork, not my person, my body, my face - it does’nt matter…isn’t it?
I`m an artist: oil-painting ( big paintings – about 150/220 cm or bigger, or paintings made from many little works like PANGRAMS - hundred pices ich other) , drawing – pencil on paper and a new kind of drawing: a little mystery tissue, a little drawing – specialy shadow on the wall, made from thread - my artistic secret...
I make my little painting from a part of clothes – my old sweaters for example…and put them in the other way – not only on the wall: on the window, on the wall, on the floor, on the air…everywhere.
My paintings are - in one moment: the paint, object and artistic book, too.
Sometimes I prefer colour, energy...sometimes I prefer the synthesis, I don`t like a my artwork.I`m looking for a new senses & I`m loooking for a new form and a new way to painting (or drawing). I want to show my: HERE & NOW... I don`t like forwardness - I make my art work after very long, philosophical thought.
Still, I write comments to my art works and I write my ARTISTIC DIARY when I combine prose and poetry with little philosophy...finaly I`ll publish it as a book.

A few days ago, I just finished my complitly new, big artwork I'M LIVING IN MY OWN PAINTING...really! about 400 meters of painting!