Busser Howell

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Black and Blue Acrylic On Canvas 50 X 80 Dyptik © Phoenix Gallery
Landscape 4X Mixed Media 60x90 © Courtesy of the artist & Phoenix Gallery
Sleeping Children 2, 2011 Mixed Media 72x72
Ohio (Sold), 130115 Mixed Media 60x80x2.5 Dyptik © Yes
Coney Island 1, 121201 Mixed Media 44x60x2 © Yes
Never Forget , 110415 Mixed Media 72x108x2 © Yes
American Primitive 1, 130202 Mixed Media 60x48x2.5 © Yes
Verde 3, 110729 Mixed Media 30x30x2 © Yes
Reveal 1, 121106 Mixed Media 42x32x2.5 © Yes
Black & White X, April 20, 2011 Mixed Media 72 X 72 X 1.75 Inches
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New York
Busser Howell


Residing in New York City, Howell is an abstract expressionist painter.  His most recent works are large geometric forms based on quadrants of three-dimensional applications of paint, paper or other materials applied with his hands to create a single monolithic image that becomes kinetic with the refraction of light on the highly textured surfaces.  His past work has included other expressionistic modalities that incorporate paint, paper, screen, and found objects. Earlier series were a decade of abstract dance figures, satirical political paintings and at one time a series of abstract geometric paintings of 19th century farm scapes and urban structures.


Howell’s wire sculpture was exhibited at the Morgan Museum, Lexington, KY. And his paintings have been exhibited at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Museum of the Permian Basin, Texas and are in the collection of The New Britain Museum of American Art, Conn.  Originally from Ohio, he attended the Dayton Art Institute, Wright State University, and Boston University School of Fine art.  Howell spent twenty-five years as a partner in a restoration and design firm.    During this time he was on the board of the Overfield Tavern Museum, Troy, Ohio and was involved in the restoration of this museum, which included a major architectural excavation, and the cataloguing of the museum’s collection.


Howell continued to paint and exhibit in Ohio, Florida, Texas,, New York and internationally. He is presently affiliated with the Golden Dawn Gallery, Santa Fe, N.M. and represents himself on his web site