Adrian Setterfield

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Interesting work
I enjoyed seen your work and loved the use of the line. Saludos!
Comment by: Amaru on Saturday 05/19/12 at 1:35 AM
Nice work
Adrain, Untituled 7 and windows are interesting for me. Sometimes we have sam idae of this sort of work. Go on Herco
Comment by: Herco on Friday 04/20/12 at 3:45 PM
great work
energy sure. layers, etc resonates with me. well done! -m
Comment by: michael tino on Friday 04/13/12 at 3:58 PM
New works
Hi Adrian, I hope that you have in Italy the same sun I have in Lebanon. More sun, more colours. Take care Friendly Herco
Comment by: Herco on Friday 04/06/12 at 3:42 AM
Hi Ad, news works for critique if u have time Friendly Herco
Comment by: Herco on Sunday 04/01/12 at 3:24 AM