Simon Periton

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In Porno Times, 2009 Spray Paint And Silver On Glass, Frame 101.2 X 71.5 X 4 Cm © Sadie Coles HQ - Heddon St
Untitled, 2008 © Sadie Coles HQ - Heddon St
Pristine Moon, 2009 Spray Paint And Silver On Glass And Custom Made Frame 81.8 X 112 X 6.2 Cm © Courtesy of the artist and Sadie Coles HQ, London
Miners Potion, 2009 Spray Paint On Glass And Frame 52 X 42 X 5 Cm © Courtesy of the artist and Sadie Coles HQ, London
Nine Imposter, 2009 Spray Paint On Concave Glass, Custom Made Frame 80 X 60 X 10 Cm © Courtesy of the artist and Sadie Coles HQ, London
Sniper Motion, 2009 Spray Paint And Silver On Glass And Custom Made Frame (6 Parts) Overall: 117 X 122 X 2.5 Cm © Courtesy of the artist and Sadie Coles HQ, London
Mint Snoopier, 2009 Spray Paint And Silver On Convex Glass Frame Diameter: 40cm © Courtesy of the artist and Sadie Coles HQ, London
The Astrologer , 2010 H: 53 X W: 64 Cm © CCA Galleries
Simon Periton , 2008 Special Boxed Edition With Unique Glass Painting And Book H: 22 X W: 16 In © Other Criteria
Unique glass painting © Courtesy of the artist and Sadie Coles HQ, London
Il Cornuto , 2009 Wall Painting Variable © Courtesy of the artist and Sadie Coles HQ, London
The Poacher, 2007 Reverse Painting On Glass 82 X 62cm © Courtesy of the artist and Sadie Coles HQ, London
Addi , 2006 Lilac Perspex Mirror 100cm Diameter © Courtesy of the artist and Sadie Coles HQ, London
Death Star, 2000 Cut Card 46cm Diameter © Courtesy of the artist and Sadie Coles HQ, London
Stranglehold, 2003 Coloured Paper Diptych Each 2 Sheets, 213 X 150cm © Courtesy of the artist and Sadie Coles HQ, London
Map © courtesy of artist
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Simon Periton Biography
1986 - 1990   St. Martin’s School of Art, London
  Lives and works in London
Arts Council Collection, Hayward Gallery, London
  British Council Collection
  Celebrity Cruises Collection, mv Millennium
  Channel 4 Television, London
  Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus, Munich, Germany
  Unilever plc Contemporary Art Collection
  Victoria and Albert Museum, London
  The West Collection at SEI, Oaks, PA
  The RISD Museum, Providence, RI
Selected Exhibitions
2007   Sordide Sentimental, Vacío9, Madrid (solo)
2007   The Modern Institute/ Toby Webster Ltd, Glasgow (solo)
2007   Effigies, Modern Art, London
2006   Among The Ash Heaps And Millionaires, Ancient & Modern, London
2006   Sarah & Simon, Platform 3, London
2006   Paper, Platform 3, London
2006   Webs, Loops, and Skeins in Modern and Contemporary Art, RISD Museum, Providence, Rhode Island
2005   England Their England, Laden Fuer Nichts, Liepzig
2005   Ideal Worlds: New Romanticism in Contemporary Art, Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt, Frankfurt am Main
2005   Simon Periton, Peter Pears Gallery, Aldeburgh, Suffolk, UK (solo)
2005   The Penis is Mightier than the Sword, Karyn Lovegrove Gallery, Los Angeles (solo)
2004   The Edge of the World, Sadie Coles HQ, London (solo)
2004   Ragamuffin, Vacio9, Madrid (solo)
2004   Street, Changing Role Gallery, Naples (solo)
2004   Angelo Filomeno, Simon Periton, Philip Taaffe, Francesco Vezzoli, Gorney Bravin + Lee, New York
2004   Stategies of Desire, Kunsthaus Baselland, Basel
2004   Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy, London
2004   Angelo Filomeno, Simon Periton, Philip Taaffee, Francesco Vezzoli, Gorney Bravin + Lee, New York
2004   Paper, Emily Tsingou Gallery, London
2004   Four-ply, Andrea Rosen Gallery, New York
2003   Contemporary British Art Exhibition, (curated by the British Council), Mucsarnok Kunsthalle, Budapest
2003   Post Flat, Lock, Philadelphia
2003   Twilight, Gimpel Fils, London
2003   Guided by heroes, (curated by Raf Simons), a project by Z33, Hasselt, Belgium
2003   Rendered, Sara Meltzer Gallery, New York
2003   In Portraiture Irrelevance is Ugliness, Galerie Reinhard Hauff, Stuttgart and Museum Schloß Hardenberg, Velbert, Germany
2003   Mint Poisoner, Inverleith House, Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh (solo)
2003   Snip Riot Omen, Modern Institute, Glasgow (solo)
2003   Premonitions, Gorney Bravin + Lee, New York (solo)
2003   Flag, Gallery 4, Henry Moore Gallery, Leeds (solo)
2003   Cut Out, Barbara Gross Galerie, Munich
2003   The Unhomely, Kettles Yard, Cambridge
2002   Summer Exhibition, Kagan Martos Gallery, New York
2002   mixer02, moniquemeloche gallery, Chicago
2002   My Head is on Fire but my Heart is Full of Love, Charlottenborg Exhibition Hall, Copenhagen
2002   Cut, Karyn Lovegrove Gallery, Los Angeles
2002   Simon Periton, Karyn Lovegrove Gallery, Los Angeles (solo)
2002   Virginia Creeper (Parthenocissus Quinquefolia), (collaboration with Raf Simons), Paris (solo)
2001   Simon Periton, Galerist, Istanbul (solo)
2001   Simon Periton, Jablonka Galerie, Linn Lühn, Cologne (solo)
2001   Cold warmed up, Sadie Coles HQ, London (solo)
2001   Carts and rafts!, Centenary Gallery, Camberwell College of Arts, London
2001   Tailsliding, (British Council Touring exhibition, October 2001 - May 2003), Bergen Centre for Contemporary Art, Bergen, Norway; Vilnius Centre for Contemporary Art, Vilnius; Museum of Contemporary Art, Tallin; Centro de Arte de Salamanca, Salamanca, Spain; Turku Art Museum, Turku, Finland; Brno House of Arts, Brno, Czech Republic
2001   Lebensmuster - patterns of life, Museum Schloß Hardenberg, Velbert, Germany
2001   The Multiple Store, New Art Centre Sculpture Park & Gallery, Salisbury, England
2001   A new horizon, Art: Concept, Paris
2001   SchattenRisse/Shadows, Silhouettes and Cut-outs, Lenbbachaus Kunstbau, Munich
2001   Century City: Art and Culture in the Modern Metropolis, Tate Modern, London
2001   City Racing 1988-1998: a partial account, ICA, London
2001   Dead, The Roundhouse, London
2001   The Multiple Store, New Art Centre Sculpture Park & Gallery, Salisbury, England
2000   INNER CITY PRESSURE, (curated by Radek Vana), Galerie No-D (Roxy), Prague
2000   Hoxton HQ, Sadie Coles HQ at Hoxton House, London
2000   Konfrontace, Czech Centre, London
2000   Argy Bharji, Karyn Lovegrove Gallery, Los Angeles (solo)
2000   Simon Periton, Statements Booth, Basel Art Fair, Basel (solo)
1999   Barroquade, Simon Periton, foyer project at the Hayward Gallery, London (solo)
1999   Natural Dependency, Jerwood Gallery, London
1999   papermake, The Modern Institute, Glasgow
1999   Limit Less, (curated by Matthew Higgs), Galerie Krinzinger, Vienna
1999   A Radiant Future, Forde, Geneva, Switzerland
1999   European Factory, Villa delle Rose, Bologna, Italy
1999   Gallery Swap, Sadie Coles HQ at Contemporary Fine Arts, Berlin
1999   The Order of Things, Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool
1999   Phillip Treacy- Autumn/Winter 1999 Collection (collaboration on hat design), New York Fashion and London Fashion Week
1999   Show It Off, (pamphlet), Art.TM Gallery, Inverness, Scotland
1999   NewOldTown, (curated by Liam Gillick), Casey Kaplan, New York
1998   Multiple Store, (inaugural show), ICA, London
1998   Simon Periton, Camden Arts Centre, London (solo)
1998   Secret Victorians: Contemporary Artists and a 19th Century Vision, Firstsite, Colchester, and touring to Arnolfini, Bristol; Ikon Gallery, Birmingham; UCLA Armand Hammer Museum, Los Angeles; The Fabric Workshop and Museum, Philadelphia
1998   Surfacing: Drawings by 20 Contemporary Artists, ICA, London
1998   View Four, (curated by Clarissa Dalrymple), Mary Boone Gallery, New York
1998   Kettle Blue, Galerie Beaux Arts, Luxembourg
1998   Lovecraft, South London Gallery, London
1998   Inbreeder, Collective Gallery, Edinburgh
1997   Let’s Rock, Alexandra Mansions, Norwich, England
1997   Victoria, Laurent Delaye Gallery, London
1997   Fish and Chips, Diverse Works, Houston
1997   Landy, Periton, Simpson, Habitat, Manchester
1997   Habitat, (with David Thorpe), Kings Road, London (solo)
1997   Dandeliceum, Sadie Coles HQ, London (solo)
1997   Simon Periton, Skinner’s Cage, London (solo)
1997   Simon Periton, British Council Window Gallery, Prague (solo)
1997   Supastore, Cornerhouse, Manchester
1997   619 KBB 75, Mobile 2000, Laurence Hazout, Paris
1997   Lovecraft, CCA, Glasgow, Scotland; South London Gallery, London
1997   Imprint 93, Norwich Gallery, Norwich, England
1997   Space Oddities, Canary Wharf Window Gallery, London
1997   B.o.n.g.o., Bricks and Kicks, Vienna
1997   Snowflakes Falling on the International Dateline, Casco, Utrecht, The Netherlands
1997   Popocultural 2, Southampton City Art Gallery, Southampton
1997   Zone Photographic Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne, England
1996   Popocultural, South London Gallery, London
1996   Supastore De Luxe, @ Up & Co, New York
1996   Co-operators, (Hope), Southampton City Art Gallery, Southampton, England
1996   Kiss This, Focal Point Gallery, Southend, England
1996   21 Days of Darkness, Transmission, Glasgow
1995   Imprint 93, City Racing, London
1994   WM Karaoke, Portikus, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
1994   Constable, can’t you see my predicament?, Clacton-on-Sea, England
1994   Strange Spectacle, (with Alan Kane), Gallerie 217, Sportsverbande, Frankfurt am Main(solo)
1993   Gild the Lily, (with Alan Kane), London (solo)
1993   Weekender, (with Alan Kane), Caledonia Street, London (solo)
1993   Purpose-built New England, (Hope), Realartways, Hartford
1993   Van de Siecle, London
1992   Modern Art, Seven Sisters, London
1992   Simon Periton, Bipasha Ghosh, London (solo)
1991   Seeds of Hope, (with Georgie Hopton), Wilson Hale, London (solo)
1991   Olde World, (with Georgie Hopton), The Caraway Installation, Butlers Wharf, London (solo)
1991   Hope Project, (with Georgie Hopton), Frieze, London (solo)
1990   A Summerplace, (curated by Stuart Morgan), Salama Caro, London
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