Eemil Karila

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Mind the Box is a Berlin collective of five people.  They curate and host art “events” in changing venues around Berlin. One of these events is the popular “Arty Fun Sessions: Interactive Art Playground”, where they encourage the art-goer to break out of the passive, “white box” gallery- malaise and get their hands sticky. Mind the Box’s philosophy rests on the idea of viewer participation in the artwork and they often have selected artists devise ways to get people involved. Live music,... [more]
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Eemil Karila at Program e.V. March 5th, 2009 - April 11th, 2009
Posted 3/21/09
While creating “Surface Values” Eemil Karila learned that the cleaning lady with whom he was collaborating on the project had previously been a nurse in the Ukraine. She did not want her name to be listed in the show’s press material because she did not want her current occupation to be revealed to her family at home.  But her marks on the gallery’s floor are what transform the space from an empty dark room into a haunting work of art. For his first solo show in Berlin, the... [more]
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