Tanmay Singh

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Jawaharlal Nehru, 14th Nov 2008 Pencil On Paper 429 X599 © Tanmay Singh
My Beautiful Home, 15th Oct 2007 Color Pencil And Crayons 8x10 © Tanmay Singh
Indian Farmer, 18/12/2007 Pencil On Paper 2x4
Mother India, 20th April 2008 Pencil On Paper 8x12 © Tanmay Singh
Lord Shiva The Destroyer of the Universe, July 2008 Pencil On Paper 8x10 © Tanmay Singh
Colored Landscape, Sept 2008 Water Color On Paper 8x10 © Tanmay Singh
Beautiful Landscape Caryons On Paper 8x10 © Tanmay Singh
Happy to Help Watercolor On Paper 8x10 © Tanmay Singh
Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton Color Pencil And Crayon On Paper 8x10 © Tanmay Singh
Pranav Mukherjee Water Color On Paper 4x6 © Tanmay Singh
Dr. Venugopal and Dr. A Ramdoss Pencil On Paper 8x10 © Tanmay Singh
cute baby, 23rd Aug 2008 Pencil On Paper 3x5 © Tanmay Singh
David Beckham, Sept 2008 Color Pencil On Paper 6x8 © Tanmay Singh
Beautiful Park, 10th April 2009 Water Color On Paper 12x10 © Tanmay Singh
House in Hills, 8th April 2009 Water Color On Paper 12x10 © Tanmay Singh
Lord Ganesha, 12/04/2009 Pencil On Paper 12x10 © Tanmay Singh
Landscape, 14/06/2008 Pencil On Paper 12x10 © Tanmay Singh
Beauty of Nature, 2009 Water Color On Paper 12"X16" © Tanmay Singh
Vegeta SS3, September 2009 Water Color On Paper 11"X8.5" © Tanmay SIngh
Doodle 4 Google, August 2009 Crayons On Paper 8.5"X11.00" © Tanmay Singh
My Incredible India, 15th Nov 2009 Pencil And Crayon Color On Paper 12"X15" © Tanmay Singh
Work is Worship, 5th Feb 2010 Poster Color On Paper 13x11 Inches © Tanmay Singh
Let me return to home, 15th Feb 2010 Poster Color On Paper 13x11 Inches © Tanmay Singh
Landscape, 10th October 2009 Poster Color On Paper 13x11 Inches © Tanmay Singh
A Date with Disney Cartoons, 2010 Color Pencil On Paper 14"X11' © Tanmay Singh
We need Right To Information, 2010 Poster Color On Paper 14"X11" © Tanmay Singh
Let us enjoy with nature, 2010 Pencil Color On Paper 14"X11" © Tanmay Singh
Janmashtami, 2010 Pencil Color On Paper 14"X11" © Tanmay Singh
Please Give me a bite, 2010 Poster Color On Paper 14"X11" © Tanmay Singh
Landscape, 2010 Poster Color On Paper 14"X11" © Tanmay Singh
Work with smile, 2010 Poster Color On Paper 11"X14" © Tanmay Singh
Blessings to Victorious King, 2010 Water Color On Paper 14.00x11.00 © @Tanmay Singh
Shiv Ratri Puja, 2010 Water Color On Paper 11.00x14.00 (Inches) © (c) Tanmay Singh
Gunslingers, 2010 Water Color On Paper 11.00x16.00 (Inches) © (c) Tanmay Singh
Save Tiger, 2010 Water Color On Paper 16.00x11.00 (Inches) © (c) Tanmay Singh
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Tanmay is a wonder kid of just 10 years studying in 6th standard. He has exceptionally sharp creative brain and painting skills. He has started to sketch in his early childhood. All the diagrams/ figures drawn by him in his school notebooks are being graded A+. He has prepared nos. of charts and posters for his class and school. Last year he was declared as "BUDDING ARTIST" by his school and his artworks were displayed on Notice Boards and in Art Room. He was the Head Boy of junior sections during 2008-09. His five art works were selected for various Art shows by There are approximately 30 visits per day on his profile which is 6 times of average visits per profile per day on FAA. Nine Art works are made favorite by Artists of FAA and five Artists and Art Galleries are regularly watching the progress of the Indian Budding Artist.


Drawing/Painting Competitions Attended:

  • Participated in "National Level Drawing/Painting/ Handwriting Competition" in 2007, organized by Kalabharti Child Art Development Inst., Pune
  • Winner of  "Doorstep Painting Competition" jointly organized by Doorstep Retail Stores and Hindustan Pencil Ltd. in 2009
  • Secured 2nd Position in School Level, "All India On the Spot Camel Colour Contest" in 2006
  • "BEST ARTIST OF THE YEAR" Award by DAV Public School for 2008-09.
  • Secured 1st Position in "Intra House On the Spot Painting Competition" in 2008
  • First position in Poster Making Competition (Inter House Level)
  • Secured 1st position in "Inter School Pot Painting Competition", organized by Ryan International School Faridabad (India) in 2008
  • Participated in "Paint Brush Competition", organized by Suraj Bhan DAV Public School, Vasant Vihar in 2008
  • Winner of "Drawing Contest for your Children" and the Art Work was published in PULSE, Newsletter of HP India Ltd., Issue 11, September- November 2008 under "Kid's Creation" section.
  • Passed "Poorna" exam with distinction, conducted by Bangiya Sangeet Parishad (Affiliated to Rabindra Bharti University) under Sangeet/Recitation/Ankan Kala in April 2009.
  • Sent entry in "Doodle 4 Google" competition organized by Google India Ltd. in

Remarkable Academic achievements:

  • Participated in "National Level Science Talent Search Examination (NSTSE)" in 2008 and secured 74% (All India Rank: 3914).
  • Participated in 8th National Cyber Olympiad 2008 and secured Gold Medal (School Rank:1, All India Rank: 2084)
  • Appeared for Fourth and Final Round of HDFC National Meritus Scholarship 2009 (result awaited)


National Bal Bhawan, New Delhi

Testimonials by Professional Artists:

"Wonderful Tanmay!!! You are great Artist. I love your artworks.. Do not stop doing art..ok?"

-Mohammad Binlamin, Misurata LIBYA

"Tanmay, I love all your drawings and paintings, they are all great, keep it up, I have to come and learn from you."

-Hema Rana, Pottstown, PA - United States

"I cant believe that such a small boy can sketch so beautifully... and drawings r also good..all the best tanmay"

-Saman Khan, Noida, U.P. - India

"Welcome to Fine Art America, Tanmay. You have a career ahead of you in art! This is really fine work."

-Songs of Thunder Fine Art Gallery, Lacey, Washington, US

"Hi Tanmay Singh, you are really talented. One day you will become very famous in this field. Good luck!!"

-Joseph Karaparambil, Edmonton, AB

"Hello Tanmay! How are you? This is a wonderful sketch. It's very skilfully drawn and well proportioned. I think your parents and teachers have already told you that 'practice makes perfect' his is good advice. Good luck with your art. It's clear you will be famous one day."

-Rusty Woodward Gladdish (Fine Artist), Swansea, Washington, US

"I took a good look at your art and I am amazed at your wonderful talent. It is hard to believe someone so young could be so gifted. We have a few others that are around your age on this site and boy do they have talent too! Welcome to FAA your are a fine artist and a great asset"

-Linda Mungerson (Fine Artist), Perris, California, US

"Hi, I have been surfing artslant arts and i found your work was quite cool for your age. you have such a rich imagination! i am a Japanese Artist and would warmly like to invite you to have a look at my gallery."

-Hiroko Sakai (Fine Artist), Japan

"Its Really nice, your work is very interesting.....I AM ONLY 10 YEARS OLD ARTIST from pune, i want to be a friendship with you direction.

-Haris Imtiyaz Khan, Pune, India

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(12 art works will be shown till 2022 in Public Art Show: Snowy Wintry Trees and Times)