Thomas Zipp

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[VIDEO] Thomas Zipp at SVIT Gallery, Prague   Pick-button-f22fa879042524f5c7b8d2278b2983b8
Thomas Zipp at SVIT November 30th, 2013 - January 18th, 2014
Posted 12/14/13
Thomas Zipp’s exhibition with the title at the gallery SVIT in Prague narrates to several spheres in our society. In this installation Thomas Zipp thematizes his long-time interest in the research in the area of psychophysics, specifically in the relationship of man to plants. The exhibition transform human (life) cycles to basic elements such as feeding; plants as eatable form, instrument as entertainment. The gallery space is transformed into a laboratory, where the artist and his... [more]
The Maudit, Thomas Zipp   Pick-button-f22fa879042524f5c7b8d2278b2983b8
Thomas Zipp at Kaufmann Repetto Gallery April 5th, 2013 - May 18th, 2013
Posted 5/14/13
The spaces of Kaufmann Repetto gallery in Milan smell of blood, medicine and hospital. The walls are covered with a black shiny varnish and the neon lights on the ceiling spread their cold beams over the mirroring tables. The setting looks like a security room or a refrigerating cell – there’s no life here, no wishes, no hopes. Every hint of humanity is properly frozen in the material traces of someone’s passage – a stool slightly moved by an invisible hand, some pale wooden apples scattered... [more]
Thomas Zipp   Pick-button-f22fa879042524f5c7b8d2278b2983b8
Thomas Zipp at Albert Baronian April 29th, 2011 - May 28th, 2011
Posted 5/24/11
Thomas Zipp (born in Heppenheim, 1966) is one of the most important German artists of our time. He brings together individual works – paintings, sculptures, prints, drawings and installations – to create an overall concept that completely integrates the space of the exhibition venue. His works are marked by an intense engagement with history, science and religion, with politics and society and with art history and philosophy. Good and evil, truth and lie, God and the devil, standard and... [more]
Among Flesh   Pick-button-f22fa879042524f5c7b8d2278b2983b8
Cecilia Edefalk, Dan Fischer, Annie Kevans, Graham Little, Daniel Silver, Anj Smith, Neal Tait, Michael van Ofen, Vicky Wright, Thomas Zipp at Alison Jacques Gallery May 13th, 2011 - June 4th, 2011
Posted 5/23/11
The current show at Alison Jacques Gallery is a group show featuring ten international artists working with sculpture, canvas and paper, including Neil Tate, Daniel Silver and Annie Kevans. , the title of the exhibition, declaims to explore “the notions of a number of English Modernist writers, notably Virginia Woolf, W.H. Auden and E.M. Forster” with particular interest focused on the thesis of the essence of a human being as situated in the body, as well as the mind – the... [more]
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