Ayelet Zohar

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Camouflaged, 2009 Installation 12' X 9' © (c)Ayelet Zohar, 2009
California Dreamin', 2009 Photography 20"X81" © (c)Ayelet Zohar, 2009
Camouflage Jar, 2008 Overglazed Porcelain 30" © (c)Ayelet Zohar, 2009
Snipers on the Wall, 2009 Silkscreen On Wallpaper 25"X50" © (c)Ayelet Zohar, 2009
Quick Facts
Tel Aviv, Israel
mixed-media, installation, landscape, video-art, photography, digital, conceptual

2002-2007 PhD, Slade School of Fine Arts, University College London.
1996-2000 MA, Comparative Literature dept., Tel Aviv University
1993-1995 Research studies, Chinese ink-painting department, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, PR China
1985-1991 BA (Cum Laude), East-Asian studies dept., Japan section, Hebrew University, Jerusalem
1982-1985 State Art Teachers College, (Midrasha Art School), Ramat Hasharon, Israel Major: painting; installation; video art

Prizes, Scholarships, Fellowships, Awards
2007-2009 Postdoctoral research, Japan Fund Fellowship, Stanford University, CA, USA
2005 Graduate School Scholarship, University College, London, England
2002-2005 Overseas Research Scholarship Scheme (ORS), Universities UK
2002-2005 Kenneth Lindsay Scholarship grant, UK The Sir Richard Stapley Educational Trust, UK
2000 Excellency Prize, Porter Institute of Semiotics and Poetics, Tel Aviv University
1994 Student Exchange, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Israel - sponsored studies at the Central
Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, PR China
1987 America-Israel foundation for the young artist

Selection of One-Person-Shows
June 2007 Multifocality, multimedia installation, Woburn square research space, London, UK
Nov. 2004 Camouflaged Video Installation, Slade Gallery, London, UK
Apr. 2004 Palimpsests Contemporary ink palimpsests, WLS, London, UK
June 2002 Wandering Jew Paintings, The Other Gallery, Talpiot Academy, Tel Aviv, Israel
Apr. 2001 Sub-consciousness Opens like a Fan Museum of Contemporary art, Beijing, PR China
Mar. 2001 Apfelsine a video installation at Peer, the Gallery of Midrasha art school in Tel Aviv, Israel
Nov. 2000 Quarantine a video installation at the Heinrich Boel Foundation, Tel Aviv, Israel
June 1997 Screenscapes digital prints, Wizo-canada art school, Haifa, Israel
Apr. 1997 Hybrid video installation with Wang Bosheng, Camera Obscura gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel
Apr. 1996 Windshields, Wipers and T.V. Screens September gallery, Beijing, PR China
July 1993 Ping-Pong tables and suitcase paintings, Museum of Israeli art, Ramat Gan, Israel
Mar. 1993 Letter to a Japanese Friend, Ink paintings and digital prints, Chelouche gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
Oct. 1990 Mongolian Spot (monguban), large woodblocks, Chelouche gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
Dec. 1986 Paintings One person show, "Bograshov" gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

Selection of Group Shows
Jan. 2009 KALA Open Studio Day, Jan. 31st, 2009
Jan. 2009 Camouflaged in: Front + Centre, Headlands Centre of the Arts, San Francisco, CA
Dec. 2008 KALA annual exhibition, KALA studios, Berkeley, CA
Nov. 2008 Shifting Currents: A tribute to Asian/American/ Art & Cultural expressions, 1900 to the
present, De Young Museum of Fine Art, San Francisco,
Nov. 2008 Zhuang Zi and the Butterfly and My oranges, Video projection in Balancing Perspectives:
East-Asian influences in Contemporary Art, JFK University Gallery, Berkeley, CA
May 2008
Love me or Leave Me, video projection in: Intervene! Interfere! Sidewalk video screenings, UC Santa Cruz, ICA San Jose
Sep. 2006 Zhuang Zi and the Butterfly and My oranges, Video projection in: Routes & Remedies: Asian Wisdom for Living in London, Asia House, London, Sep. 2006
Feb. 2006 Book of Hours Video installation, Wilfred Israel Museum of Art, Kibbutz Ha'Zorea, Israel
Nov. 2005 Dead Sea, Video Installation, Research Spaces, Bartlett school of Architecture & Slade school of Fine Art, LondonUK
Sep. 2004 Round Trip, a video installation in 3 chapters in: Dislocating Specificity, Bartlett school of Architecture & Slade school of Fine Art, London, UK
2003 Fire; Robot; Camouflage a trilogy of video projections
LUX Open 2003, a DNET New British Artists' Film and Video, RCA, London , UK
Nov. 2002 The Land of Sad Oranges, a video projection The Israeli Show at International Artist Museum, New York, NY, USA
MONA, Rochester, NY, USA
Museum of Modern Art, Krakow, Poland
Nov. 2002 Zhuang Zi and the Butterfly, a video projection Paradise the Video Biennale, Herzelia Museum, Israel
Oct. 2002 Border Fence, a video projection
Global Priority Jamaica Art Centre, Queens, New York, NY, USA
Oct. 2002 Water scroll and Windscreens, ink paintings
Seascape/Home Sweet Home a video projection
Water Pictures Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv, Israel
Sep. 2002 Land of Sad Oranges, Video projection
25 Years of Activity Janco-Dada Museum Ein Hod, Israel
June 2002 Graffiti, ink paintings
Ha'amini Yom Yavo (Believe the Day will come)
Municipal Gallery, Um al Phahem, Israel
Nov. 2001 Bedfast, Video installation
Aspects of Femininity Video Art show , Yank-Dada Museum, Ein Hod Israel
Apr. 2001 Graffiti, ink paintings
Artexts, Jamaica center of Arts & learning, New York, NY, USA
Jan. 2001 Graffiti, ink paintings
The Right of Return Beit-Ha'am Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
Dec. 1998 Hands Fan ink drawing
Touching the Light, Touching the Water Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel
June 1996 Voyeur; Blinds; Circle ink drawings
East Winds influence of Zen art in Israeli context
Bat Yam museum of fine art Rehovot, municipal gallery
Arad museum, Israel
Feb. 1996 Wipers and Windscreens Blue ink on paper drawings
Blue and White, Binet gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
May 1994 P.C I am a West Asian digital project
Context/Location Kalisher art college gallery , Israel
June 1992 A letter to a Japanese friend woodcut on plywood
Art Teachers show Kalisher, art college gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
June 1991 Woodcuts series 1988-1990
Israel art month, Israel Festival at the Israel Theatre, Israel
May 1991 Wandering Jew and Flying Dutchman woodcut and painting on plywood Leaves, group show, artists house, Jerusalem, Israel
June 1987 Ancient Pools woodcut and paintings on plywood
America-Israel foundation for the young artist museum of Israeli art, Ramat Gan, Israel

Dec. 2007- June 2009 KALA Art Institute, Berkeley, CA

Curatorial and Research Projects
Dec. 2009, HyperMonochrome: Contemporary links between photography and ink-painting, 6th Biennale of ink-painting, ShenZhen, PR China
Sep. 2007, HyperMonochrome - Co-curator with Ryosuke Kondoh, Slade School of Fine Art
Sep. 2005- Jan. 2006 - Curator, PostGender: Gender, Sexuality and Performativity in Contemporary Japanese Art, Tikotin Museum of Japanese art, Haifa, Israel 10 Sep. 2005-3 Jan. 2006
June 2002 - Curator, Blue-and-White in Ink, ink painting in Israel, Museum of Far Eastern Art, Ramat Gan, Israel
March 2002 - Curator, Feminine Images, International Women's Month, Sorasky library Art Gallery,
Tel Aviv university