Destiny Allison

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Emerge Steel 50x15x11 Inches © Destiny Allison, Winterowd Fine Art
Steel 74x14x12" © Courtesy of the Artist and Winterowd Fine Art
Solitude 30h"X7"X7" © Courtesy of the artist and Winterowd Fine Art
Self Contained Steel 21.5" X 32" X 4" © Destiny Allison
Let the Wind Speak VII Steel © Destiny Allison
In the Moment Steel 37" X 24" X 13" © Destiny Allison
Self Realization II Steel 31" X 23" X 11" © Destiny Allison
Here Steel 39.5" X 16" X 12" © Destiny Allison
Life Steel 78" X 31" X 12" © Destiny Allison
Steel, Patina,Paint 36" X 36" © Destiny Allison
Phoenix Steel 48" X 21" © Destiny Allison
Fruition Steel 58" X 22" © Destiny Allison
At the Breakfast Table © Destiny Allison
Letting Go Steel 46.5" X 29" © Destiny Allison
Dream Easy 25" H X 69" W X 6" D © Destiny Allison
Eternity Bronze 43" X 19 " © Destiny Allison
Certainty Steel © Destiny Allison
Landscape Steel 26.5" X 47" X 3" © Destiny Allison
Rhapsody Steel 56" X 41" © Destiny Allison
Juxtaposition Steel 24" X 12" © Destiny Allison
DESTINY ALLISON FINE ART, June 25, 2011 Steel © Destiny Allison
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Santa Fe
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Santa Fe

My work is conceptual. I begin each piece with a question, usually related to human roles or relationships.  I examine myths, symbols, and the origins of how we define ourselves.  Sometimes, my work takes me deep into personal experience as I try to understand events in my life. Other times, my work requires me to be more academic. I study history, philosophy, religion and the origin of words to understand the things that have shaped me. I do not believe that art is merely a reflection of what we see in the world.

Instead, for me, art is a process of discovery where the work teaches me as much as I shape it. If a topic is worthy as a subject, I know little about it, even as it creates a deep emotional response in me. I try to explore what I do not know, seeking to give form and voice to the thing in each of us that is silent and tantric.

The language I use is the language of shape. I have discovered, through years of teaching and application, that sculptural expression takes its root in the symbolism of geometric form.  Each of us responds to shapes based on our personal experience of them. For example, a triangle will remind us of a pyramid or mountain and our emotional response to that symbol is predictable. Triangles inspire us with the desire to climb. They are hopeful, transcendent, highly energized and exhilarating. When I use a triangular shape in my sculpture to accentuate an expression, I am describing and qualifying the form of my sculpture like an adjective describes and qualifies a word. The shapes I emphasize reflect a personal philosophy about my journey in life. The subjects I choose to sculpt are the landmarks that illuminate my path.

Sculpture has no boundaries. It is not contained within the covers of a book or the borders of a frame. It interacts perpetually with the space around it. Sculpture casts a shadow. It will not break if I bump into it. It remains constant, a moment in time, a living thing.


American University, Washington D.C.
Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, Mass.
The Art Institute of Boston, Boston, Mass.

2008—Civic Purchase Award, La Quinta, CA
2007—Selected Artist, Santa Fe Cultural Council Public Art Program
2007—Selected Artist, Oklahoma City Artscape Project
2007—1st Place Sculpture, Deerpath Art League, Lake Forest, IL
2006—1st Place Sculpture, 500 Inc, Dallas, Texas
2005—1st Place Sculpture, Naperville Art League, Naperville, IL
2004—1st Place Sculpture, Naperville Woman's League, Naperville, IL
2004—Award of Merit, Peoria Art Guild
1998—Honorable Mention, “Faces of Women” art exhibit, Las Vegas, NM
1997—Visiting Artist, Massachusetts College of Art
1997—Grant Recipient, Massachusetts Cultural Council, City of Attleboro
1996—Juror, National Congressional Art Competition

"Time Stream II" La Quinta, CA
“Finding Center” Santa Fe, NM
“Finding Center II” Oklahoma City, Ok
“Gemini” Edmond, Ok
“Balance” Edmond, Okla.
“Crossroads” Frisco Civic Center, Clinton, Ok
“Wish on The Moon” Clinton, OK
“Courage” Clinton, OK
“Stepping Out” Clinton, OK
“Musical Landscape” City of Attleboro, MA
Los Alamos Historic Trail, Los Alamos, NM
Santa Fe Preparatory School, Santa Fe, NM
Holy Family Episcopal Church, Santa Fe, NM

2007—Ellen Noel Art Museum, Odessa, Texas
2007—Crossroads Contemporary Gallery, Santa Fe, NM, Solo Show
2007—NMSG at the Sculpture Ranch, Santa Fe, NM
2007—Brunner Gallery, Baton Rouge, La., 2 Sculptors, 2 Painters
2006—Thornwood Gallery, Houston, Texas, Solo Show
2005—Crossroads Contemporary Gallery, Santa Fe, NM Santa Fe Sculptors
2005—Trowbridge-Lewis Galleries, Middleburg, Va., Showcase on Sculpture
2004—Shidoni Gallery and Foundry, Santa Fe, NM, Solo show
2003—Shidoni Gallery, Santa Fe, NM, “Inside, Out,”
2003—Paxton & McCall Fine Art, Santa Fe, NM, Solo show
2002—Governor's Gallery, Santa Fe, NM, “Round the Roundhouse”
2001—LewAllen Contemporary Art, Santa Fe, NM, Solo show
2000—9th annual “Faces of Women,” Las Vegas, NM
1999—Waxlander Khadure Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
1999—Art in Public Places Invitational, Los Alamos, NM
1998—Santa Fe Clay Invitational, Santa Fe, NM
1999—Attleboro Museum, Attleboro, Mass., "New England Sculpture Association"
1999—Waxlander Khadouri Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

Winterowd Fine Art, Santa Fe, NM
Trowbridge-Lewis Galleries, Middleburg, VA
Brunner Gallery, Baton Rouge, LA
Mountain Shadow Gallery, Tucson, AZ
Sacred Dancing Gallery, Big Fork, MT
Linda Howell Gallery, Oklahoma City, OK
At The Gallery, Chicago, IL
Thornwood Gallery, Houston, TX
Thornwood Gallery, Dallas, TX

President, New Mexico Sculptors Guild
Project Facilitator, Localmotion Design Team
National Y Arts Leader, National YMCA Arts and Humanities Program
Director, Santa Fe Family YMCA Arts and Humanities Program
Instructor--Adult Sculpture, Santa Fe Clay, Santa Fe, NM
Private Instructor for renowned artists Carole LaRoche, Janet O'Neal and Harry Fonseca
Visiting Artist, Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, Mass.
Instructor--Adult Sculpture, Attleboro Museum of Art, Attleboro, Mass.
Instructor--Adult Sculpture, Fuller Museum, Brockton, Mass.
Interim Director of Art Education, Attleboro Museum, Attleboro, Mass.
Board of Directors, Easton Cultural Council for the State of Massachusetts

The Daily Tribune, Clinton, Okla.
The Chicago Tribune, Chicago, Ill.
The Oklahoman, Oklahoma City, Okla.
The Daily Camera, Boulder, Colo.
The Star Tribune, Minneapolis, Minn.
Channel 13, CBS Good Morning, Minneapolis, Minn.
THE Magazine, Santa Fe, NM
The Santa Fe New Mexican, Santa Fe, NM
The Providence Journal, Providence, R.I.
The Attleboro Sun Chronicle, Attleboro, Mass.
The Brockton Enterprise, Brockton, Mass.
The Easton Journal, Easton, Mass.
Inland Cable News, Attleboro, Mass.
"The Birth of a Sculpture" film documentary
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