Heather Jean Skalwold

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Vervet Reliquary, 2013 Assemblage © Heather Jean Skalwold
He's Not Conventionally Handsome, 2012 Mixed Media Collage On Art Board 6"X6" © Heather Jean Skalwold
Tribal Reliquary, 2011 Assemblage © Heather Jean Skalwold
Tooth of Saint Dearborne, 2010 Mixed Media Collage On Canvas © Heather Jean Skalwold
Saint Bastard, 2010 Mixed Media Collage On Canvas © Heather Jean Skalwold
Arm of Saint Abercrombie, 2010 Assemblage © Heather Jean Skalwold
Charmion and Laverie: The Two Headed Strong Woman, 2009 Mixed Media Collage On Canvas 12"X12" © Heather Jean Skalwold
Mademoiselle Gabrielle, 2008 Mixed Media Collage On Canvas 12"X12" © Heather Jean Skalwold
Dream Anatomy, 2006 Mixed Media Collage On Canvas 11"X14" © Heather Jean Skalwold
Queen Mab, 2005 Mixed Media Collage On Art Board © Heather Jean Skalwold
Quick Facts
Russell Sage Albany NY
Parsons School of Design
New York University (NYU)
collage, assemblage, bricolage, mixed-media, surrealism, conceptual, sculpture
About Heather Jean Skalwold

Neo Grotesque Bricolage Artist

It’s a fancy way of saying that I’m a collage/assemblage artist with a morbid sense of humor. For me it’s more than just collage, though. Out of the chaos of random photographs and boxes of bits and jibs, I methodically search for meaning and structure. There is a clearly outlined process to the creation of order from the turmoil. And more than just cutting and pasting, I use ink and pigments in a painterly way to bind the mélange of imagery together to create a cohesive piece.

My subject matter reflects childhood interests; mythological creatures, ancient cultures and religions, nature and science. I grew up reading National Geographic and the Time-Life Enchanted World Series, and Brian Froud's Fairies was my bible. These were the things that fueled my imagination and set the stage for my artistic inspirations in the future.

I was formally trained at Parsons School of Design in NYC, but I owe my desire to Dave McKean, my tutelage to Claudine Hellmuth, and my inspiration to my muse Michael Locascio.

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