Christine Basick

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Mouth Game, April 2011 Oil On Canvas 30"X30"X1.5" © Yes
Into the bottle!, January 2011 Oil On Canvas 30"X30"X1.5" © Yes
See No Evil!, February 2011 Oil On Canvas 30"X30"X1.5" © Yes
Mona, 2006 Oil On Cardstock 22"X34" © @2007
Hermina, 12/09 Oil On Canvas 36"X60" © yes
Flo, 2007 Oil On Canvas 36"X60"X1 5/8" © 2007
Tony Z, 2007 Oil On Canvas 36"X60"X1 5/8" © 2007
Toulouse, 2006 Oil On Cardstock 22"X34" © 2006
Quick Facts
Lives in
Orland Park, Illinois
Works in
Chicago, Illinois
The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Oil Painter pop painting abstract painting, conceptual

Christine Basick was born in Chicago and grew up in Englewood when playing on the street was safe and a way of life.  It was during a time when games were created by the neighborhood kids with their hands and minds.  While at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, she learned how to build pop-up art work and three dimension objects, such as doorways that led to know where!  It was a great experience of play and work.  

Today and for the last fifteen years her paintings have been a visual experience about games.  She has approached painting as a game artist often with the intention of the viewer experiencing role-playing in a visual world, whether trying to read her bigger than life playing cards or visually searching through a painting of a playful child’s game looking for the conceptual hidden message.  

Her playful imagination was challenged by the theoretical lessons of the University of Chicago and now are much more complex than ever.  

Her painting “Passing Through...” exhibited at the Gaylord Building in Lockport is a mix  of knowledge from old circus records about “passing through” towns and the slightly creepy memories from her childhood of unusual characters seen at the big top.  This circus maybe a little dark with strange characters but todays street games are far more frightening than our imaginations can ever play. 

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