steven paul Riddle

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love & life on an upstate new york farm with a hoe, 2009 Mixed: Oil, Acrylic, Heavy Texture 5 Feet X 7 Feet; On Canvas, Framed © steven paul Riddle all rights reserved
finding father, 2006 Oil, Acrylic, Texture On Gallery Wraped Canvas 4 Feet X 5 Feet © steven paul Riddle all rights reserved
the uptown, 2007 Oil, Acrylic, Heavy Texture On Gallery Wraped Canvas 4 Feet X 4 Feet © steven paul Riddle all rights reserved
the salon, 2007 Oil, Acrylic, Heavy Texture 5 Feet X 6 Feet On Gallery Wraped Canvass © steven paul Riddle all rights reserved
A Peaceful Day in the Life, 2010 Oil Acrylic On Canvas 24: X 48" © Steven Paul Riddle
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santa monica, california
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Stylized, Bold Modernist Neo Cubist Painter American Artist
Steven Paul Riddle

Steven Paul Riddle, born 1952 in Santa Monica California, started painting early in his youth and has painted and sold his paintings throughout the United States. His Neo Cubist works have developed over the past 39 years into a very unique style which is easily recognizable as his own.

Mr. Riddle is a painter of vibrant and eclectic works of art which have the feel and verve of a new ilk of a cubism. His paintings are large, exciting and moving with extravagant colors, lines and composition. You will see his unique style and abstract methods which can be seen no where else. His use of texture and color are unique and no other painter has utilized these techniques in quite the same manner. He is quickly gaining a strong following for his work and "Neo Cubism".

Steven Riddle, brings his own panache to create powerful and large format paintings to life. He has turned his back on the common and deconstructed multi dimensional images of natural form. Riddle has liberally and randomly shifted how we view the world around us. The bizarrely denatured forms which come from Riddle's brush creates fresh air in the Modern Art of today. His unique style, imagination and bold compositions have drawn much attention to his eclectic works.