Zuhal Baysar

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About the exhibition "Water..."

Where does the soul take its power from? Does it take the power from all the things we do in the mysterious circle of our lives? or does it indeed have a sacred and untouchable source that we don't know? Does it realy? Where does the soul take its power from sincerely? Here, with the word of "soul", I am speaking about the thing we feelas ourselves beyond our thoughts. It sometimes gets exhausted and we feel alone and empty in its absence. Why does the soul get exhausted sometimes? Lets hang... [more]
Posted by Zuhal Baysar on 6/11/10

About the Exhibition "Secluded" Held in Turkey on December 17th

  In fact life itself is secluded. Because the secluded one is the private one; it is something secret, it is for our own, something we don't share out with anybody; just like our life.. We all work, go to school or office, eat and talk every day; but anything we do happens to be "private" for ourselves.  Because our solitude, our thoughts, the loving ones, intervenes with a melody or a glimpse then takes us to a special moment. We don't open our whole life to anyone for not to be harmed or... [more]
Posted by Zuhal Baysar on 2/21/09