Painter Coded (Ruta Bauzyte-Jarosz)

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Thanks for your comment P.Coded. Your art is very interesting! Margareta JB
Comment by: Margareta Jungerth Boo on Wednesday 11/07/12 at 11:42 PM
lovely work.............i like the simplicity of yourwork ,,,
Comment by: shashi paul on Friday 06/01/12 at 11:52 AM
Thank you!
Thanks for your nice comment. Your works are stunning! Best wishes to you...
Comment by: GULTEN CELEBİ on Thursday 05/31/12 at 3:32 AM
thank you P.C. for great support! i can say the to see you in winning place!
Comment by: Damir Gajski on Tuesday 06/07/11 at 4:16 AM
Well, it has been awhile.i see you have won the #6! Your work is so important and so fresh , I LOVE IT. I also won #6 for" MR.MR.VERY,VERY".Funny how life is i just sold it 3 months ago.Hope you are well. Keep working the world needs your voice and exceptional comments thru paint on the the 21st century world order... You will always be P.coded to me (smile)..M.
Comment by: Marilyn LaGrone-Amaral on Saturday 11/06/10 at 8:38 AM