Painter Coded (Ruta Bauzyte-Jarosz)

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"Just Colors #2", 2011-2019 Oil On Canvas 59×23.6×0.8inches/150×60×2cm © Ruta Bauzyte - Jarosz (Painter Coded)
''Just Brushstrokes #2'', 2018 Oil On Canvas 30x40 Inches/76x101cm © Painter Coded (Ruta Bauzyte-Jarosz)
''Silky Ice Cream''*, 2016 Oil On Canvas 4.7x4.7inches/12x12cm © Painter Coded (Ruta Bauzyte-Jarosz)
"Just Blue Brush Stroke"*, 2017 Oil On Canvas 24x18cm/9.5x7.1inches © Painter Coded (Ruta Bauzyte-Jarosz)
"Barcode#54"* from the series "Painted Barcodes", 2012 Oil On Canvas 8x8inches/20x20cm © Painter Coded (Ruta Bauzyte-Jarosz)
"Just Brushstrokes #1"*, 2017 Oil On Canvas 20 X 20 Cm/ 8 X 8 " © Painter Coded (Ruta Bauzyte - Jarosz)
''Blue Mint Ice Cream''*, 2018 Oil On Canvas 4.7x4.7inches/12x12cm © Painter Coded (Ruta Bauzyte-Jarosz)
''Color Code#1''*, 2013 Oil On Canvas 20x20cm/8x8inches © Painter Coded (Ruta Bauzyte-Jarosz)
"Color Code#4", 2018 Oil On Canvas 15.7x15.7inches/40x40cm © Painter Coded (Ruta Bauzyte-Jarosz)
''Barcode#74''from the series''Painted Barcodes''*, 2012 Oil On Canvas 36x24inches/91,4x61cm © Painter Coded (Ruta Bauzyte-Jarosz)
''Barcode#43'' from the series ''Painted Barcodes''*, 2010 year Oil On Canvas 40 X 50 Centimeters © Painter Coded(Ruta Bauzyte-Jarosz)
''Barcode#63'' from the series''Painted Barcodes''*, 2012 Oil On Canvas 39.4x31.5inches/100x80cm © Painter Coded (Ruta Bauzyte-Jarosz)
"Just Colors #3", 2011-2018 Oil On Canvas 7.1x9.5/18x24cm © Painter Coded (Ruta Bauzyte-Jarosz)
''Barcode#21'' from the series ''Painted Barcodes''*, 2008 Oil On Canvas 18 X 24 Centimeters © Painter Coded (Ruta Bauzyte-Jarosz)
''Barcode#77'' from the series''Painted Barcodes''*, 2012 Oil On Canvas 35x24inches/89x61cm © Painter Coded (Ruta Bauzyte-Jarosz)
''Barcode#59'' from the series ''Painted Barcodes'', 2012 Oil On Canvas 30 X 40 Inches © Painter Coded (Ruta Bauzyte-Jarosz)
''Barcode#32'' from the series ''Painted Barcodes'', 2009 year Oil On Canvas/18x24cm 7.1 X 9.5 Inches © Painter Coded (Ruta Bauzyte-Jarosz)
"Color Code #28", 2018 Oil On Canvas 9.5x7.1inches/24×18cm © Painter Coded (Ruta Bauzyte-Jarosz)
''Sign#7'' from the series ''The Storage of the 21st Century Signs'', 2010 Oil On Canvas 15.5x11.5inches/40×30cm © Painter Coded (Ruta Bauzyte-Jarosz)
''Sign#2'' from the series ''The Storage of the 21st Century Signs'', 2010 Oil On Canvas 9.5 X 11.9 Inches © Painter Coded (Ruta Bauzyte-Jarosz)
''Sign#8'' from the series ''The Storage of the 21st Century Signs'', 2010 Oil On Canvas 30 X 40 Centimeters © Painter Coded (Ruta Bauzyte-Jarosz)
''Sign#6'' from the series ''The Storage of the 21st Century Signs''*, 2010 Oil On Canvas 15.5x11.5inches/40×30cm © Painter Coded (Ruta Bauzyte-Jarosz)
''Sign#14'' from the series ''The Storage of the 21st Century Signs'', 2010 Oil On Canvas 34 X 34 Inches © Painter Coded (Ruta Bauzyte-Jarosz)
''Sign#1'' from the series ''The Storage of the 21st Century Signs'', 2010 Oil On Canvas 19x13.5inches/49×35cm © Painter Coded (Ruta Bauzyte-Jarosz)
''Sign#10'' from the series ''The Storage of 21st Century Signs'' , 2010 Limited Edition Archival Print. Ed. Of 30 (Oil On Canvas)/41x32cm 12 X 16 Inches © Painter Coded(Ruta Bauzyte-Jarosz)
''Sign#19'' from the series ''The Storage of the 21st Century Signs'', 2018 Oil On Canvas 15.7 X 63 Inches © Painter Coded (Ruta Bauzyte-Jarosz)
''Barcode#1'' from the series ''Painted Barcodes''*, 2008 Oil On Canvas 50 X 70 X 1 Centimeters © Painter Coded (Ruta Bauzyte-Jarosz)
''Barcode#45'' from the series ''Painted barcodes'', 2009-2010year Oil On Canvas 90 X 90 X 1,5 Centimeters © Painter Coded (Ruta Bauzyte-Jarosz)
''Barcode#24'' from the series ''Painted Barcodes'', 2008 Oil On Canvas 30 X 90 Centimeters © Painter Coded (Ruta Bauzyte-Jarosz)
Still ''it was in black and white'' , 2016 Still From Video Drawing ''It Was In Black And White'' 60 Sec Hd © Painter Coded (Ruta Bauzyte-Jarosz)
Still ''it was in black and white'' , 2016 Still From Video ''It Was In Black And White'' 60 Sec Hd © Ruta Bauzyte - Jarosz (Painter Coded)
''Handshake'', 2013 Digital Art © Painter Coded (Ruta Bauzyte-Jarosz)
Detail of video ''Lights of a Day'', 2011 Digital Art 1min48sec X 118 Mb X Hd Inches © Painter Coded (Ruta Bauzyte-Jarosz)
"When I Was an Art Student #1" , 1999 Charcoal On Paper 76 × 55 Cm/30×21 Inches © Painter Coded (Ruta Bauzyte - Jarosz)
Still "While Playing with Reflections", 2018 Still From Video "While Playing With Reflections" Hd 60 Sec © Ruta Bauzyte - Jarosz (Painter Coded)
Quick Facts
Vilnius, Lithuania
Vilnius Academy of Arts,Lithuania
color field painting, symbolic, video painting, oil on canvas, conceptual, modern, digital

Since 2008 aka Painter Coded, currently along with her real name as Ruta Bauzyte - Jarosz (Painter Coded).



2018 Group exhibition "Pakeliui. Meno kioskeliai (LT)", curated by Rasa Noreikaitė-MiliūnienėRailway Museum of Lithuania, LITHUANIA.

2017 4th International Juried Exhibition of Video and Digital Media Installation, The Art Gallery at the College’s Branchburg Campus, New Jersey, US.

2017 "121&1" international juried short silent film exhibition, Gate 3 Gallery, Haifa, ISRAEL.

2016 ''One Minute Films'', The New Bohemian Gallery, Franklin Arts Center, Gallery 226, Brainerd, Minnesota, US.

2016 ''Objects to Touch 2'', Janina Monkute-Marks Museum, LITHUANIA. 

2013 ''Portas Abertas/Open Doors'' (curated by Claudia Giannetti). Artists from 60 countries and 5 continents, using exactly the same media and dimensions, in a universal discourse without frontiers. Deweer Gallery, Fórum Eugénio de Almeida, Évora, PORTUGAL.

2012 ''Biennale of Chianciano 2011 in London'', an exhibition of 40 artists selected by a panel of judges  from the Biennale of ChiancianoGagliardi Gallery, 509 King's Road 509, Chelsea, London, UK.

2011 ''Biennale of Chianciano 2011'', Museo D'Arte Di Chianciano, ITALY. http://biennalechianciano.museodart... 

2011 ''Lives Saved, Thank's to the Doctor/The Arts'' (curated by Moritz Ebinger), De Nieuwe Vide Minckelersweg 6, THE NETHERLANDS.

2011 ''Lightworks 2011'' (curated by Chris Lillywhite and Patrick Holley), one-night annual international juried festival of film, sound and new media, Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire, UK. 

2002 "Diaries/Paintings", solo exhibition (curated by Rima Blažytė), Meno Projektų Pristatymo Gallery, Vilnius, LITHUANIA.



 2002 Vilnius Academy of Arts, BA in Painting with a Teaching Certification, Lithuania

 1998 Vilnius J.Vienozinskis Art School, Lithuania



2018 "Women CineMakers", Special Edition (the juried issue, Art&Independent Cinema), pages 180-201, Berlin, GERMANY

2013 ''Harvests of New Millenium'' (juried multicultural, independent journal, traditional and nontraditional art and poetry), editor Dr.Santosh Kumar, page. 37, INDIA.

2011 ''Catalogue of Biennale of Chianciano'' , page 59, ITALY.

2011 ''Placebos for Art'', Behring Institute , page 9, Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS. 



Please find the interview with Ruta Bauzyte - Jarosz about her artistic production in the juried issue of Women CineMakers, Special Edition here:



2011 Diploma by the Biennale of Chianciano 2011, Chianciano Art Museum, ITALY. (50 nations, 160 artists selected from 1600 applications).




Below are some of the comments from art professionals about Painter Coded (Ruta Bauzyte-Jarosz)'s paintings

''For anyone familiar with the history of my own paintings as well as anyone who happens to love some of the great abstract expressionists (such as: Rothko, Barnett Newman, and others) along with conceptual art; you will love the work of artist Painter Coded(Ruta Bauzyte-Jarosz)!''Kristin Wood Ó Rabhartaigh, FRANCE/USA​

''I like your intelligent artwork,and I like it''.Dan Lavie, ISRAEL

''It seems you have a great sense of form in general. The idea of using barcodes as a subject for your paintings gives the conceptual feeling about it, the feeling of art as a matter of intellect as well as aesthetics.That is what I think art should stand for.''Andrzej Rafalowicz, POLAND

''There are only so many things that can really be done that haven't been done in art that is original,and at the same time not keetch or momentary...You've caught a human element that is in our everyday life that we all take for granted and developed that concept into a very interesting art form that can be used to expand a whole new train of thought...''Raimond Rickevicius, CANADA

''I like your compositions..very 'musical'.''Cesar Veloso, PORTUGAL

''You have a unique subject and an equally unique style so identifiable.I am very impressed.''Seshardi Sreenivasan, INDIA

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