Patrick Segui

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An Obliging Host, 2008 Mixed Media Diorama 3inx13in © Patrick Segui
Vanitas, 2008 Mixed Media © Patrick Segui
La Colombe, 2008 Mixed Media Diorama © Patrick Segui
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San Francisco
diorama, mixed-media, surrealism, sculpture


Patrick Segui is an artist known for his trademark, intricately carved dioramas.  These alluring works are meticulously detailed, sculpted paintings comprised of reclaimed materials, such as paperboard, vintage fabrics and papers and 19th century ephemera, all fastidiously crafted with captivating detail.  Often, Patrick utilizes vintage paints and inks in his works, which further lend a patina of yore. Segui's mixed media dioramas are visual objects depicting a compelling diminutive universe of an imaginary long gone era, featuring a fascinating cast of odd characters, perfectly suited for storytelling.

Segui's works are a collection of common altered memories and dreams.  "My art is like a journal filled with personal thoughts, dreams and nightmares," says Segui.  "I am attracted to Grand Guignol-like characters and Edwardian atmosphere. It drives me to create theatrical, almost staged, dioramas." His works are a "mise en scene" of his own curious memories or a glimpse into the sometimes grotesque. 

Born and raised in Paris, France, Patrick Segui grew up in France with a family of antique collectors and enthusiasts.  His eclectic upbringing as an artist was filled with a wide range of interests.  Many of those inspirations now show up in his work and stem from the backdrop of his childhood.  As a child, Segui had a strange taste for sideshow-esque icons, deviant animalia and misfits.

He has traveled the world, and attributes his influences to German Expressionism, Dada and Surrealism forerunners such as G. Grosz, O. Dix and M. Beckman.  Over the years, Segui has collected such pieces as surgical reconstruction books, vintage anatomy charts and animal oddities.