Shea Peterson

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Procession of the Spirits, 2009 Acrylic 18" By 24"
Crackberry, 2009 Pastel And Acrylic 20.5" By 25"
Discovery of the World, , Jan. 2009 Acrylic On Deep Canvas, 30" By 36" By 1&3/4"
Green Being , 2008 Acrylic On Paper 18" By 24"
Beauty and the Beast, 2010 Acrylic, Paste, And Palm Wax 34" By 43"
Geo , 2008 Acrylic And Pastel 30" By 36"
Bird Visions, Feb 2009 Acrylic And Pastel On Paper 18" By 24"
Bloody Pirate, 2009 Oil Pastel On Paper 20.5" By 25"
Owl, 2009 Acrylic And High Quality Pastel Paper 20.5" By 25"
Winter Totems, 2009 Acrylic And Pastel 20.5" By 25"
Bathers, 2010 Acrylic And High Quality Pastel Paper 20.5" By 25"
Cubist Flower Vase and Pitcher, 2010 Acrylic And High Quality Pastel Paper 20.5" By 25"
Blue Dream, 2008 Acrylic, Oil Pastel, And Prismacolor 12" By 24"
Labor, 2009 Acrylic On Canvas Board Framed 16" By 20"
The Guitarist, Aug. 2009 Acrylic And Spraypaint 12" By 36'
Woman in Hat, 2008-2009 Acrylic And 'Rhinestone' 18" By 24" Canvas With Frame
Dream Floating, 2008 Acrylic And Collage On Canvas Rolls 18" By 24"
Volcano, 2009 Acrylic, Oil Stick, And Spraypaint 15" By 30"
Pan's Labyrinth, Feb. 2008 Acrylic On Birch Panel 24" By 24"
Radar, 2007-2009 Acrylic, Ink, Pastel 24" By 60"
passage, 2008 Acrylic And Oil Pastel 24" By 36"
untitled , 2010 Acrylic 18" By 24"
Quick Facts
Pueblo Colorado
Birth year
Lives in
Sydney, Australia
Representing galleries
Volcano Garden Arts Gallery
picasso lam pollack miro klee mixed-media surrealism modern painting, mixed-media, surrealism, graffiti/street-art


Shea uses a plethora of techniques to enhance the images. These include foliage, collage, stencil, dripping, scraping, and many action-painting. Acrylic is often the base primary medium. Spray paint, pastels, ink, oil, and sand are often added for texture and dramatic effect. 


Shea Peterson has taken the influences of Picasso, Ernst, Klee, Miro, Tamayo, Pollock, and Lam and the non-dual  esoteric and spiritual traditions of the East and developed a style uniquely his own. His work shows Cubist, Fauvist, Expressionist, and Abstract Expressionist influences at their best.

Artist Statement

"The modern artist... is working and expressing an inner world - in other words - expressing the energy, the motion, and other inner forces.” Pollock

“It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.” Picasso

The work of the abstract artist is at its best an unveiling of the Mystery and at its worst an intellectual exercise. The talent of great work comes from surrendering to what we might call the artist instinct, the subconscious, collective super conscious and a higher Self. Great abstract art comes from the multiple combinations of these sources and creativity only passes through the intellect as a filter. Much of my work comes from a non-linear process, which involves discovering the direction of the piece while in process of painting it.


Da Yuan Circle Berkeley California 2002
Orthadox Daoism including the Dao de Ching and Zhou-yi

Jñanagni Kula / Trika Institute
Berkeley California 1997-2002
Kashmir Shavism, Pranayama, Kriya Yoga, Meditation, Tantrik psychology, Tantrik Ritual, Mantra Vidya, and study of Classical Texts,

Ayurvedic Institute of Albuquerque
Albuquerque, NM 1997-2000
Ayurvedic Therapy, Bodywork, Herbalism, Consultation and Vedic Astrology

Colorado Springs Academy of Therapeutic Massage
, Colorado Springs, CO 1996

Adams State College, Alamosa, CO 1992-1993
Classical Guitar and Music Composition

University of Southern Colorado
, Pueblo, CO 1991-1992
Art and Music Composition

University of Fairbanks Summer Fine Art Intensives for Young Adults , Fairbanks Alaska
1988 and 1989  Drawing, Painting, Music Compositions


East Hawaii Cultural Center, Hilo, Hawaii (34th Annual Spring 2010 group show) 2 paintings

Colorado State Fair Fine Art Exhibit (2009 group exhibit) 4 paintings

East Hawaii Cultural Center, Hilo, Hawaii (33rd Annual Fall 2009 group show) 3 paintings

East Hawaii Cultural Center, Hilo, Hawaii (33rd Annual Spring 2009 group show) 1 painting

Kiawe Kitchen, Volcano, Hawaii ( Sept. Oct. Nov.2009 solo show) 14 paintings

Wailoa Center for Culture and Arts, Hilo, Hawaii(Spring 2008 group show) 1 painting

Aloha Luigi's, Hilo, Hawaii (May-June 2008 solo show)


Ongoing Displays

Volcano Garden Arts Gallery, Volcano, Hawaii

Hair Harmony,  Pueblo Colorado