Usha Rai

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Ganesha , 2007 Oil On Canvas 16''X20'' © artist
Ganesha, 2007 Oil On Canvas 12''X16 © artist
Presence of God, 2008 Oil On Canvas 24 X 30 X 1 Inches © Usha Rai
Women Power, 4/10/2008 Oil On Canvas 12''X24'' © artist
Universal Feelings, 8.2.2009 Oil On Canvas 12''X24'' © Artist
Musician, 2007 Oil On Canvas 16 X 20 X 1 Inches © artist
Work is worship, 2006 Oil On Canvas 16''X20'' © Artist
Golden rays, 2009 Oil On Stretched Canvas 18 X 18 X 0.3 Inches © Artist
Wave, 2007 Oil On Canvas 48''X36'' © Artist
Jog Falls, 2006 Oil On Canvas 20''X24'' © Artist
Voyage, 1962 Water Color © Usha Rai
Village house, 1962 Water Color © Usha Rai
Tulips, 2006 Oil On Canvas (Palate Knife Painting) 18''X 24'' © Artist
Sunset at Kuppalli, 2007 Oil On Canvas Size 12''X24'' 12''X24'' © Artist
Universe, 2007 Oil On Canvas(Palate Knife And Brush) 12''X24'' © Usha Rai
Golden cage, June 2009 Showcase entry Oil On Canvas 36''X24 © Artist
MORNING GLORY, 2007 Oil On Canvas 18'' X 18'' © Artist
Lambani Girl, 2006 Oil On Stretched Canvas 36 X 24 X 1 Inches © Artist
Sunset at Kabini, 2007 Oil On Canvas 16''X20'' © Usha Rai
Kudhuremukh Hills, 2007 Oil On Stretched Canvas 24'' X30'' © Artist
Cubban park, 2007 Water Color © Usha Rai
Mother and child, 2006 Oil On Stretched Canvas 30 X 24 X 1 Inches © Artist
Majestic, 2009 Oil On Stretched Canvas 24''X36'' © Artist
Dolphins, 2006 Oil On Canvas 16''X20'' © artist
Glory of nature, 2007 Oil On Canvas © Usha Rai
Andaman seashore, 2007 Oil On Canvas © artist
Full bloom- Iris, 2007 Oil On Stretched Canvas 12''X24'' © Artist
Chithradurga Fort, 2007 Oil On Canvas 24 X 36 X 1 Inches © Artist
Innosence, 2007 Oil On Canvas 20''X24'' © Usha Rai
Dependence, 2009 Oil On Canvas Board © artist
Flower Vase, 2008 Oil On Canvas Board 12''X16'' © Usha Rai
Forest Flowers, 2008 Oil On Stretched Canvas 12''X24'' © artist
Tigers , 2006 Oil On Canvas 30''X24'' © Usharai
Sri Krishna, 2007 Oil On Canvas 20''X30'' © Artists
Moods of nature, 2008 Oil On Canvas 12''X24'' © Arist Usha Rai
Close to nature, 2007 Water Colour © Usha Rai
Padmapani- Budha, 2008 Oil On Canvas 30 X 20 X 1 Inches © artist Usha Rai
glory of nature, 2007 Fabric Painting © Usha Rai
glory of nature, 2007 Fabric Painting © Usha Rai
glory of nature, 2007 Fabric Painting © artist's
My son, 2007 Oil On Canvas 20''X24'' © Usha Rai
Happiness, 2009 Oil On Canvas 18''X18'' © Usha Rai
Indian Dancer, 2007 Oil On Stretched Canvas 30 X 20 X 1 Inches © artist's
Kamalamahal-Hampi, 2007 Oil On Canvas 20''X30'' © Usha Rai
Mystry of nature, 2008 Water Colour 13''X13'' © Usha Rai
Kabini river, 2008 Oil On Canvas 18''X24'' © Usha Rai
Rajasthani beauties, 2007 Oil On Canvas 24''X30'' © Usha Rai
sailing, 1962 Water Colour © Usha Rai
untitled, 1969 Stitched With Human Hair © Usha Rai
sunrise, 2008 Oil On Canvas 20''X16'' © Usha Rai
sun flowers, 2007 Glass Painting © Usha Rai
Roses, May 2009 Oil On Canvas Cloth 8''X10'' © Usha Rai
sunset at Agumbe Hills, 2007 Oil On Canvas Board 16''X20'' © Usha Rai
Water , 2009 Oil On Stretched Canvas 24 X 24 X 1 Inches © artists
Temple, 2008 Oil On Canvas Board 10''X12'' Without Frame © Usha Rai
Jog falls 2, April 2009 Oil On Stretched Canvas 24''X30'' © Usha Rai
Fantacy, June 2009 Oil On Stretched Canvas 24''X24'' © Usha Rai
Indian Roller, May, 2009 Oil On Canvas 8''X12'' © Usha Rai
Life must go on, May 2009 Oil On Canvas 24''X12'' © Usha Rai
Out burst, Luly, 2009 Oil On Canvas Cloth 7''X12'' © Usha Rai
wathching Ganesha, Jan 2010 Oil On Strtched Canvas 20 X 16 X 1 Inches © Artist's
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Mythological painting traditional painting traditional landscape mixed-media realism, painting, figurative, landscape, modern, traditional, digital


        I dont know where to start !

      I was born in 1945 before we got Independence in a small place in Karnataka, Udupi. Udupi is a cultural and educational centre in South India.

      I loved all forms of art, I think it is because of my mother. She was very good at needle work. Also, she was very enthusiastic in learning new designs. Her encouragement helped me to try my hands in many things. I was making beautiful shell dolls when I was in high school. I was also very good at embroidery like my mother. My art teacher in school thought I am good at drawing and made me to do some water colour paintings which I have preserved for last five decades! Actually I was 'Jack of all but master of none! ' That was my childhood! 

       My dream was to become a doctor.

       Dreams are dreams they can not become reality, most of the time they are destroyed! But, in reality we become something else.

       I graduated with History, Economics and English literature. I did my Masters in Sociology after my elder son was born.

      Mariage, children, house work, office work every thing together kept me very busy.  I served in a nationalised bank for 25 years and took voluntary retirement in 1999! 

      I have to tell you about my other passion. I was a vorascious reader from my childhood. My love towards literature has come to me from my father who was a journalist and a writer. He was a stirct desplinarian. His personality influenced me a lot.  

         I had a flair for writing from my schooldays. I used to win prizes in the school compititions. In collage  my articals in English were published in college magazines. But I never dreampt of becoming a writer. Somehow, I started writing poems, essays, short stories and novels. Slowly  my writings were accepted for publishing in all the leading magazines and papers in Kannada. Femina, a English weekly also published my articals in english.Without dreaming I became a writer! So far I have published 28 books. Out of this 8 are novels, 4 collection of poems, 2 collection of essays, 2 collections of short stories, 2 life stories of senior women writers,1 travellogue and remaining are published under my editorhip. Recent addition is my autobiography in 2012. As a writer I was connected with various literary organisations. In 2000 I became the president of Karnataka Women Writers association which is a very reputed and well organised organiation with more than 1000 members  who are interested in literature and writers. This face of my life enriched me with lot of new experiences and brought me name and fame. I was also associated with many social service organisations of national fame.  

      Everything was going fine. My 2 boys are well settled. I have one grandson who is the source of happiness. My husband was also retired and we were leading our life peacefully. But God had different plans. He is very good at destroying our plans! In 2005 we met with a serious, almost fatal road accident. We, my husband and me were confined to bed for almost 6 months. This issolation from the outside world opened some unknown world to me. My artist friend Mrs Nimi Ravindranath pursuaded me to try with oilpaints and brushes. With her guidance I restarted  painting after almost 45 years, i.e.when I was 60! My sons were very supportive. This helped me to overcome the trauma of the accident and pain. Painting enabled me to come out of the trauma and now I am enjoying my second life with colours!

      Within 2 years I had a solo exihibition and received lot of appreciation. I have participated in some group exhibitions.

       I have recovered well mentally though physically I cant run arround much. There is lot of difference in me and my husband in coming out of the trauma. I am a winner. But my husband has not yet come out of the trauma. He went into deppression.

       Thanks to this art and that almighty who took something out of me but blessed me with something interesting!  This has given me mental strength to go on with life. Now my motto is Be happy and Live for today since we dont know what is in store for us tomorrow.

        Because of this I am there with you all -the proffessional artists! Thanks to Artslant!

    If you visit My website- http// and My blog  you can know about me more. 

      My paintings are exhibited in art galleries www. and ; and with a very active interactive group of

            In Orange art gallery I was considered as the Artist of the month in March 2011 and Featured artist for the month of July 2011.  I Was interviewed by the artists of orange art gallery during the days 19th to 25th July 2011 (online)


        I have sold some paintings. 20% out of the sale proceeds of the paintings is going to social service organisations mainly for educating poor girl child..