Jennifer Mannebach

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Vouchers, 2016 Paper And Gold Leaf 40 X 40"
For Instance (This Shoreline), 2015 Sanded Paper 23 X 29"
Despite (St. Louis), 2015 Sanded Paper And Gold Leaf 24 X 24"
In Sum, 2015 Mixed 13 X 25"
When In Fact (Perfect Plans), 2015 Mixed 23 X 36"
Even Though (No Refuge), 2015 Mixed 25 X 42"
detail - Drift, 2014 Mixed Media On Glass
Drift, 2014 Mixed Media On Glass
9 Miles of Thread, 2014 Mixed Media On Glass
Pantheon Wave - installation view, 2010 Masking Tape On Glass Approximately 14 X 80'
detail- Pantheon Wave, 2010 Masking Tape On Glass
detail- Pantheon Wave, 2010 Masking Tape On Glass
detail- Pantheon Wave, 2010 Masking Tape On Glass
detail- Pantheon Wave, 2010 Masking Tape On Glass
Entanglement, 2017 Mixed 32 X 29 X 29"
Disinterred, 2017 Paint And Collage On Glass 14 X 14"
Genome Tectonics detail, 2017 Mixed Media 65 X 41 X 3"
Genome Tectonics, 2017 Mixed Media 65 X 41 X 3"
Installation view corner Jack Olson Gallery, 2018 Mixed
Reservoir #4, 2017 Mixed Media 6 X 5" C
Installation view (including At Any Rate), Jack Olson Gallery, 2018 exhibit Mixed
Shear, Shift, Slide, 2017 Mixed Media On Paper 14 X 4" Each
Transcription, 2018 Paper, Acrylic Paint, Acrylic Sheet, Duralar 9 X 10 X 4"
Quick Facts
Lives in
Oak Park, IL
Works in
Oak Park, IL
painting, drawing, mixed-media

Jennifer Mannebach creates singular pieces and also takes great pleasure in creating site-specific installations which have been shown in such venues as the Hyde Park Art Center and the Cook County Administration Building. Mannebach’s work has been represented by Flatfile Gallery in Chicago. She has exhibited in the Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art and other mid-west galleries and universities including a recent show at the Beverly Art Center. Prior to that she participated in a collaborative drawing show in Lucerne, Switzerland which paired Chicago artists with Swiss artists. In 2006 she spent 2 weeks as a visiting artist at The American Academy in Rome. She received her MFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where she subsequently taught for 6 years. She is currently an art facilitator at Little City Foundation’s studio and media arts programs. In 2009 she was awarded an Illinois Arts Council Fellowship. Other awards include: CAAP grants, IAC special assistance grants, and the Governor’s International Arts Exchange Grant. 

I’ve always been interested in remnants, mistakes, awkward encounters. In past work, I’ve explored the shifting ground of casual moments between people. In recent work, my use of paper emphasizes these tectonic shifts in the transition between areas that are cut and sanded, placed comfortably, and sections that are applied more in the tradition of marquetry, revealing a seam rather than overlap. The most recent body of work explores the boundaries and architecture around, between and within people. Inspired by city maps, honeybee navigation charts and human genome maps, references also extend into tracking methods of larger group identities, conflating the boundaries of the body with geographic boundaries, underscoring the inauthenticity of maps that can never tell a complete story and the reduction of an individual to a genetic map.

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