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nov 7. 2008

here’s a poem from langston hughes every black kid knows, nov. 7 2008 Filed under: jimmy "wordsworth" rage — ABRAXAS @ 6:49 am By what sends the white kids I ain’t sent: I know I can’t be President. What don’t bug them white kids sure bugs me: We know everybody ain’t free. Lies written down for white folks ain’t for us a-tall: LIBERTY & JUSTICE— Huh!—FOR ALL? Now, I will have to explain to new teachers what it was like to teach before yesterday. [more]
Posted by femi dawkins on 2/5/09

draw me nearer (a short story about drawing)

I had waited by the phone like I use to wait by the door when my mother went on dates and said to watch my brother. Sometimes the noise of the crickets and cars coming and going outside kept us up.My brother would always cling to me. Climb into bed with me as we lay perfectly still and stare at the ceiling wondering what our mother was doing. When he got really sad he would crawl around my waist and put his head on my chest and suck his thumb.. Annoyed ..i would get up and go and sleep in... [more]
Posted by femi dawkins on 2/3/09