Xesko - Francisco Santos

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Recall Memory Oil On Canvas 101 X 76 Cm © Xesko
Cunhal, the Man Oil On Canvas 101 X 76 Cm © Xesko
Memories of the Past (The Hunter and the Pointer) Oil On Canvas 46 X 55 Cm © Xesko
Firebeer Oil On Canvas 70 X 70 Cm © Xesko
Faith Acrylic On Canvas 27 X 35 Cm © Xesko
Without Words Oil On Canvas 40 X 50 Cm © Xesko
Maddona Rubia Oil On Canvas 43,5 X 61 Cm © Xesko
Kita Oil On Canvas 46 X 55 Cm © Xesko
Soul Oil On Canvas 40 X 40 Cm © Xesko
7 Living Tattoos - "Tribal" Oil On Canvas 70 X 50 Cm © Xesko
Almond Tree Flower 33 X 44 Cm
Mens Sana in Corpore Sano Acrylic On Paper 30 X 40 Cm © Xesko
Pregnant Woman Lying Down Acrylic On Paper 30 X 40 Cm © Xesko
A Cubist Experience - "The Girl of the Pink Cap" Oil On Canvas 70 X 70 Cm © Xesko
Sailing on Uncharted Seas Oil On Canvas 50 X 50 Cm © Xesko
LOL Oil On Canvas 50 X 70 Cm © Xesko
Dispersionism - "Transitions" Oil On Canvas 60 X 90 Cm © Xesko
Vital Force Graphite On Paper 30 X 40 Cm © Xesko
Ebony Goddess Graphite On Paper 70 X 50 Cm © Xesko
Denial-Acceptance I , 2009 Print (1/1) A3 © Xesko
Pop Art-Crap Art VI, 2009 Print (1/1) A3 © Xesko
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Sheffield Hallam University, 2009, MA Contemporary Fine Art
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mixed-media, pop, arts-education, installation, video-art, landscape, collective, performance, surrealism, publication, modern, Association, traditional, studio-lofts, photography, government, digital, non-profit, graffiti/street-art, research, figurative, conceptual, FOUNDATION, gallery, sculpture, cultural-center, exhibition/performance

Since very young that I dedicate to the Arts and the Sport. I began writing to the 14 Years old and painting to the 16 (Watercolours and Chinese ink). In that time, I had published some short stories and poems in several magazines and newspapers.

My interest by the painting avenged until 1986, time in that personal problems caused me to stop having started again painting in the year of 2002. From 1986 to 1999 I was involved in several musical and theatrical projects as a technician, musician, producer and director, writing several adaptations and two original pieces. During that time I never stopped having new ideas, being strongly influenced by the African art and the vast work of Salvador Dali.

In the secondary School, I was a Founder and Publisher of the Magazine "The Bantalas" entirely dedicated to the Arts (Art Painting, Photograph, Prose and Poetry) and I have participated in a contest of Art Painting whose objective was the creation of a poster commemorative of the anniversary of the M. P. L. A. obtaining the 1st place.

In Sports, I was widely highlighted, obtaining several titles of National Champion, in Swimming (consecutively from 1972 to 1980) and Chess (1977 and 1979). I also represented my nation abroad several times, being the last time in the Olympic Games of Moscow (1980).

Noticeable Militant of the Youth of the Party (J.M.P.L.A.) I left the politics when I moved to Portugal in 1986.

I studied in the Ex. Soviet Union (with a Scholarship) where I obtained a Degree in Chemical Engineering.

In the Ex. Soviet Union I also frequented and completed the Courses of "Scientific Drawing" and "Creativity Thought in the Post-Modernism".

In Portugal, I frequented and completed the Courses of “Photography and Graphic Design” and “Data Processing, Systems Engineering and Programming”.

In 2002, I obtained the Diploma from the Course of “Improvement in Painting Techniques for Oil Portraits”, administered by the PhD Painter Almaia, having been invited for him to work in his atelier, where I still remains till today.

I’m working exclusively as a professional artist, since the beginning of the new Millennium.

I have several works displayed in public places and I'm represented in several private and official collections in Portugal, Russia, France, Spain, Brazil and Angola.

I developed a new way of see and understanding art called Dispersionism.


* At the present, studying for: MA Contemporary Fine Art, in the Sheffield Institute of Arts (Sheffield Hallam University), UK
* MEng Chemical Engineering, in the College of Sciences of Moscow (Kurgan State University - Ex. Soviet Union)
* Courses of: "Scientific Drawing" and "Creative Thought in the Post-Modernism", in the College of Sciences of Moscow (Ex. Soviet union)
* Course of: “Digital Techniques and Microprocessors”, from ISEL (Superior Institute of Engineering of Lisbon - Portugal)
* Course of: “Improvement in Painting Techniques for Oil Portraits”, promoted by the PhD Art Painter, Almaia

Works in Public Places

* Military Hospital of Belem – Recall Memory, (Lisbon/Portugal)
* Hospital Dona Estefânia – LOL, (Lisbon/Portugal)
* Headquarters of the P.C.P. – Cunhal, the Man, (Lisbon/Portugal)

Individual Exhibitions

2009 * Devaneios/Reveries - Galeria Vasco da Gama, (Loures/Portugal).
2008 * E Pluribus Unum – First Gallery, (Lisbon/Portugal).
2004 * 7 Shades of Gray – Café da Ponte – Docas de Alcântara, (Lisbon/Portugal).
1986 * Butterfly Effect – Humbi-Humbi Art Gallery, (Luanda/Angola).
1981 * Freedom – Scientific Institute of Minsk, (Minsk/Byelorussia - Ex. USSR).
1979 * The Power of Revolution – Noble Room from EDIL, (Luanda/Angola).

Collective Exhibitions

2009 * Open Gallery, Museum "Jorge Vieira", (Beja/Portugal).
2009 * United in Art Brazil and Portugal II, Galeria Praça do Pelourinho, (Ourem/Portugal).
2009 * Visual Poetry in Paris, Galeries Artitude, (Paris/France).
2009 * Art Meeting in London III, Gallery 118, (London/UK).
2009 * Artexpo NY, (New York/USA).
2009 * Puro Arte, (Vigo/Spain).
2008 * Xmas 2008 – Campolide, (Lisbon/Portugal).
2008 * Seas, Villages and Other Stories..., (Alcochete/Portugal).
2008 * Alcarte, (Alcochete/Portugal).
2008 * The Magnificent 5, (Alcochete/Portugal).
2008 * Art Outside the Gallery, (Alcochete/Portugal).
2007 * Alcarte, (Alcochete/Portugal).
2007 * C.R.P. 50A – Campolide, (Lisbon/Portugal).
2007 * Remember April, commemorations of the 25 of April and 1º of May, (Alcochete/Portugal).
2007 * 1st National Exhibition of Fine Arts, (Lisbon/Portugal).
2006 * Things about Campolide, (Lisbon/Portugal).
2005 * Military Hospital of Belem, (Lisbon/Portugal).
1978 * A Painting for the Revolution, Noble Room of the National Assembly, (Luanda/Angola).