Zack Wirsum

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If it is All Just an Act, a Change in Scenes, Breaks Down to Cool Cats and Fresh Digs, 2007 Acrylic On Canvas 54” X 104”
A Self Made Gentleman Can Be Easy, So Don’t Take it Too Hard if He’s a Little Rough Around the Edges, 2008 Acrylic On Canvas 40" X 60"
If Clothes Make the Man, I’d be Well Suited to Sheepishly Were Wolves Clothing, 2007 Acrylic On Canvas 60" X 40"
Double Windsor, Tie One on or Loosen it Up, Sometimes a Knot is not a Knot, 2008 Acrylic On Canvas 30” X 23”
Unapologetically Acting Sorry, Half Heartedly Fishing for Complementary Complications, 2007 Acrylic On Canvas 36” X 42”
So into Nuts it’s Practically a Joke, Opening up a Can of Worms to Feed a Bird in a Bush, 2007 Acrylic On Canvas 40" X 60"
The City As I See It: Hot Dogs, Cold Pigeons, Old Style, Skyscrapers and Spirits, , 2008 Acrylic On Board 20" X 40"
Perfect Equilibriums…, 2009 Mix Media 60x36x2 Inches © Zack Wirsum
Shell Game, Three Card Montague, a Renaissance Man Like Mike Vick, 2010 Acrylic On Canvas 60x72 Inches © Zack Wirsum
How Much Is Affordable? For What It's Worth, The Answer Would Be Priceless, 2010 Acrylic And Canvas On Panel 14 X 16 © zack wirsum
146 Ways To Say Snow, No Way To Say "Abominable Snowman Enjoying a Snowcone", 2010 Acrylic And Linen On Panel 16 X 14 © zack wirsum
Going Down With the Ship in a Bottle, Remember Those Days We Just Tried To Forget, Encase a Forget Me Not In Memories Net, 2010 Acrylic On Canvas 40 X 60 Inches © Zack Wirusm
Clear Cut Bobby Ross Timber, In The Hobo Jungle the Leaves Look Like Money, 2011 Acrylic And Linen On Panel 16 X 20 © Zack Wirsum
Featured in Flight: The Cargo Cult Classic-"Keep Your Composite or Twenties from Heaven", 2011 Acrylic And Linen On Panel 16 X 20 © Zack Wirsum
Capriccio, 2013 Acrylic, Collage & Drawing On Canvas Over Panel "20”X20”
Face, Facing, Faced, On Precarious Peaks We Disappeared Into Thin Air , 2014 Acrylic, Polyethylene, Canvas Strips On Panel 20 X 50 In. © Courtesy of the artist and Jean Albano Gallery
Face, Facing, Faced, On Precarious Peaks We Disappeared Into Thin Air, 2014 Acrylic, Polyethylene, Canvas Strips On Panel 20 X 50 In © Courtesy of the artist and Jean Albano Gallery
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Zack Wirsum

2002 School of the Art Institute of Chicago, BFA
1997-1998 Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA

Gallery 37, Apprentice Artist, Chicago

2011 Jean Albano Gallery, Chicago, IL “Weakened Warriors: Outlines With Outlines”, solo
2010 TAC, Highland Park, IL, “Beyond the Surface”, group
2010 Jean Albano Gallery, Chicago, IL, “New Wave”, group
2009 Irvine Contemporary, Washington, DC, “Aspect Ratio II”, group
2009 Jean Albano Gallery, Chicago, “From Soup to Nuts”, group
2008 Jean Albano Gallery, Chicago, “The Baseball Show”, group
2008 The Riverwalk, Chicago, “Chicago Looks”, group
2008 The Chicago Cultural Center, Chicago, “Art Futura”, group
2007 Elmhurst College, Elmhurst, IL “Problematic Problem Solving, the Puzzling Solutions of a Problem Addict”, solo
2006 Jean Albano Gallery, Chicago, “Relationships”, group
2006 Jean Albano Gallery, Chicago, “Wirsum-Gunn Family Show”, four-person show
2006 Lollapolooza, Chicago, “Who Arted?”, group
2006 Rotofugi, Chicago, “Teddy Troop Invasion”, group
2006 Aron Packer Gallery, Chicago, group
2005 Christoffer Egelund Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark, “Playing All Day”, group
2005 Nova Young Art Show, Chicago, VIP Lounge, two-person show
2005 Up the Stairs Gallery, Chicago, Around the Coyote: Curator’s Choice, group
2005 High Risk Gallery, Chicago, “Abstraction”, group
2003 A.R.C. Gallery, Chicago, “Surface Tension: The Graf Movement”, group
2003 A.R.C. Gallery, Chicago, “mommaCOMMAboy”, four-person show
2003 Betty Rymer Gallery, Chicago, “The Big Picture Show: Size Does Matter”, group
Chicago Tribune, 2010
Jettison Quarterly, Issue 3, 9/2009
New American Paintings, No. 77, 8/2008
Chicago Sun Times, 9/28/2006
New American Paintings, No. 59, 8/2005
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