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hi, James!
how have you been? i have uploaded new artworks and statement on my gallery. please check them out! i have also got entry my work "YUME" this time for April-May showcase competition. i would greatly appreciate if you could support me for giving your vote again. thank you! i hope your life is full of cool blessing. hiroko
Comment by: Hiroko Sakai on Thursday 04/09/09 at 10:57 AM
Crazy conceptual!
Super interesting works, use of mediums and forms! I really appreciate your approach to the creative process man! Its very interpretative, vibrant and overflowing with movement. Thanks for sharing your gift bro! Bless
Comment by: Tafewa Turner on Friday 03/13/09 at 2:10 AM
Peculiar style in every form
liked all of them they seemed to be of a particular pattern.well mastered talent.please do visit mine site and comment.thanku.
Comment by: sharmi_gpt on Saturday 03/07/09 at 12:49 AM
Love Your Work! Really Nice! I really enjoyed viewing your work. Please visit my page and if you like vote for my work. Best to you.
Comment by: Debra Kayata on Thursday 03/05/09 at 3:51 AM
helloo may i have your attention please
its very nice, your work is intresting with beautiful attractive colour..... i need your guideline and comments. I am 10 years old Artist, plz visit my page.if you like my work, please caste vote for my direction.and trust me your vote is precious for me thanx.
Comment by: Haris Imtiyaz Khan on Thursday 03/05/09 at 1:20 AM